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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by audiofrog, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. Edit (I wish I had an edit button): Upon further reading you appear to be saying murdered political opponents in the legislative branch, not a specific reference to the Reichstag fire. Redact point one. Point two still stands.
  2. let's call it a draw.
  3. Todd's right, no one is talking about politicians murdering anyone, but if you're talking escalation so far Trump's just being a vocal blowhard, Obama actually used the FBI to investigate and threaten to jail reporters.

    Washington Post: Seizing journalists’ records: An outrage that Obama ‘normalized’ for Trump

    Washington Post: Shocked by Trump aggression against reporters and sources? The blueprint was drawn by Obama.

    I said Democrats WANT to nationalize a large part of the economy with single payer, not that they have... although a case can be made that the Affordable Care Act was a step towards accomplishing that goal, especially since one of its architects pretty much admitted on camera that was the point in the first place.

    As for kicking people...

    Washington Post: "Eric Holder: ‘When they go low, we kick them. That’s what this new Democratic Party is about.'"
  4. I have not felt demonized one bit.
  5. Cro-Magnon Man


    Pro-MAGA Man

  6. What a scheissing pathetic joke.

    A synagogue gets shot up today and you want to know what your feckless immoral party is going to do? Not a single scheissing thing.

    Antifa is veritably and undeniably NOT the Democratic Party. Get your idiotic false flags and dog whistles the scheiss out of here.

    Stop comparing democrats to Nazis. Not only is it factually and verifiably WRONG. In the same week a democrat holacoust survivor was targeted by a pipe bomb. In the same week a synagogue got shot up. Your words are those of an enabling pathetic coward. They are disgusting. And you should be ashamed.
  7. I could be wrong but *checks notes* yep, shooting up a synogogue is still very much illegal, and to the best of my knowledge there has been no proposal from any Republican politician to loosen that restriction.

    (further, any suggestion that perhaps the most pro-Israel administration of the last 40 years is in any way tied to this seems odd)

    Or is this just a gun control thing?
    It seems....uncharitable at the very least to delineate between ANTIFA and the US Democratic Party (which I think is fair), but then at least condone a link between the Bumper Sticker Bomber and the Republican Party.

    The Nazi analogy was not initially made by TXFrog, and it was just as inappropriate. He was responding to such an a silly claim. Any equivocation of either major US party to the poster children for genocidal tyranny is, as you put it, factually and verifiably wrong.
  8. Oh, please. This administration may be pro-US military base in the Middle East but spare me the idea they aren’t enabling a bunch of bigots and anti-semites. Hate crimes against all groups, including Jews, have skyrocketed under the current leadership.

    You know all that “George Soros is funding the ‘caravan’” [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ]? Well guess what, the attacker’s social media feed was full of that [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] conspiracy theory that has zero basis in reality and has been spewed by republicans. Including that low life FL congressman Matt Gaetz.
  9. You literally just made a post about how violent extremism was not anything that can or should be should be tied to a mainstream political party in the United States, arguing that they did not advocate for that violence. That's true, I totally agree with you there. Now you're flipping that script, contradicting your earlier point, and attempting to pin violent extremism on a political party?

    And? Incitement has a high bar, rightly so. None of that even approaches that level, so there's absolutely no way you can say that any of this idiot's actions are attributable to Republican statements (unless you are willing to apply that same standard for Democrats). Saying things that you or I might agree are silly, stupid, or inappropriate does not reach that standard, so assigning any level of responsibility when some lunatic does something insane is, quite frankly, entirely wrong.
  10. "...Sayoc, a 56-year-old Florida man who friends and other associates say had never shown any interest in politics, suddenly began sharing images of himself on Facebook at Trump campaign events. He signed up for Twitter, where he trafficked in conspiracy theories and conservative memes. He registered as a Republican to vote in Florida — Lowy said he believes it was for the first time in Sayoc’s life — in 2016. He traded out his Native American decals for ones that supported Trump.

    “Had no interest in politics, was always at the night clubs, the gyms, wherever he thought he could meet people, impress people. And along came the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, who welcomed all extremists, all outsiders, all outliers, and he felt that somebody was finally talking to him,” Lowy said."

  11. Today is not the day. Get a scheissing clue. Trump and his ilk are assaulting reporters and joking about it, praising racists/bigots/anti-semites, and using media propaganda to incite people to respond to their outright, immoral lies.

    Actions have consequences. Yes. Crazy people are crazy people, need help, and are predisposed to doing truly terrible things. But anyone who refuses to acknowledge that Donald trump and the Republican Party are potentially contributing to these events by obviously and irresponsibly pouring fuel on the fire and should change their course of actions is a scheissing fool that is part of the destruction of this society.
  12. Except the post you took suxh umbrage with was not made today.

    Just like earlier I said that people threw around terms like "fascist" and "socialist" with little care for their meaning, you are throwing around the word "incitement" with similar lack of care.

    Whatever I think of the president's nonsense, with some very rare exceptions he can not be tagged with an incitement claim. He simply hasn't done that (at least not for these targets).

    Question: Do you believe Bernie Sanders bears responsibility when he says that the GOP will kill people (actual claim, btw) and then one of his supporters attempts to mass murder Republicans including sitting congressman Scalise?

    I don't, personally, becausewgatever I think about the inflammatory and skewed claims he made, Sanders never advocated violence. And in this case with these targets, neither did Trump . If you want to be consistent, apply that same standard equally.
  13. Your endless quest to find middle ground is such a joke. Some things are just right or wrong.
  14. I agree with you, and equating a political party with Nazism and / or Fascism (remember, that's what started this entire kefuffle) is wrong.
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    I am not intending to equate an entire party much less all it’s members. I am pointing out the undeniable line from the rhetoric of its leaders to the actions of crazy people invited by the alt right. The current leaders have elevated that once fringe through their words and actions and now the fringe of the fringe is feeling empowered to act and the leaders enabling it won’t change their tone or spend any time being remotely introspective. This can’t be denied.

    Anyone who loves the republic has a moral imperative to stand up to them, call them out, and demand better. Especially the members of the party allowing it to be overridden with this trash.

    This makes the point better than I have:

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  16. I don't think he's trying to find a middle ground here. He simply pointed out the absurdity of some of your claims.
  17. So Soros can't be criticized because he's a Jew? That's a new one.

    I had honestly forgotten he's Jewish until you said something. That's literally the last thing I think of whenever his name is mentioned. No one says "noted Jewish billionaire gave money to x or y."
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  18. Then acknowledge the contributions of Kaine, Waters, Booker and Holder. Words have meaning, right?
  19. Soros is a regular target of anti-Semitic hate. Fox News et al has mainstreamed that hate to be because he’s a democrat. But the dog whistles are unmistakable to the Jewish community and the fringe. And they’ve been getting louder the past few years. Especially in the context of immigration and why the guy shot up the synagogue Saturday.

    Read the next post—the only omen you didn’t quote. Ill acknowledge that they each have a misguided comment here and there. But they are quite different in context of what’s happening in this country.

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