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Any good news coming?

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by audiofrog, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. Been a beating of a week
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    Pluckers just gave me 50 all-drum wings when I only ordered and paid for 5. That's a real good thing IMO.

    Edit: I learned that I ordered and paid for 10 wings. Still a good thing IMO
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  3. The sun will rise tomorrow and we are still above ground
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  4. Yes, we have a football game this weekend... led by an amazing coach and hard working team that have been through a lot this season. Be thankful and supportive.
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  5. Yes. Art Briles has also been hired as an analyst.
  6. Good news coming November 7. This guy and his guys are back.

  7. Mid-term election commercials are almost done.
  8. No kidding. Nice to be past the days of losing home conference games to Wyoming. That sucked. I recall on night in the DMC about a decade ago when my buddy and I counted all the people in the building who were obligated to be there and figured that the number was greater than the voluntary attendees. As my buddy said to me at one of those games: "TCU basketball; come for the hope that the team might improve, stay for the Showgirls."

    I'd rather be good at football, but winning men's hoops games against legit programs is a nice change of pace.
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  9. I'll take that!!
  10. Thanks, Annie
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  11. Also, the Red Sox and Dodgers battle it out tonight and at least 3 more nights. A great matchup even for the non-baseball fans.
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  12. Wife and her girlfriend are at Dixon’s women’s deal tonight. She’s texting pics but none worth sharing. She claimed they announced USC game was at Dickies arena this year. Suspect she is two tickets into her 4-ticket drink allotment. Game is in LA.
  13. I’m totally creeped out by the Beto commercials. He’s like right in my face.
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  14. That’s not his real name, btw. Apparently Robert “Francis” doesn’t poll well.
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  15. I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance...
  16. Wes, you are a legend. Thanks for this.
  17. She's not far off. TCU-USC will be played at Dickies Arena in 2019. Announced today.
  18. We aren’t Bears, Sooners or Longhorns...and never will be.
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  19. Yes sir. Prayers

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