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Another week, another victim. ESPN Outside the Lines: Baylor didn't investigate sex assault claim a

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Please know that I hate Baylor and I hate Briles, but if you don't think Briles is elite as a coach you aren't watching enough college football or you haven't been watching long. He took the absolute doormat of college football and turned them into a national power. Think if KU over the next four years became a perennial top 10 team that competed for conference championships every year. Whoever brought them to that place would be a God among coaches. That is Briles. I hate Briles, but that is what he did.
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  2. Agreed. But at what cost?

    Baylor was a laughing stock around the country in regards to football.

    Now, Baylor is a laughing stock around the country.
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  3. I didn't say he wasn't elite coach I said he wasn't irreplaceable. Baylor can move on from Briles. They can get the same system with a coach who knows how to run it and knows how to win as a head coach. Baylor might even get better on defense without Bennett.

    The sex scandal will hurt the program and Briles leaving. They might suffer in wins but they already have talent and Philip is good enough to keep Baylor competitive.

    And they can start on the healing process which they can't by keeping the person who was the reason these criminals came to Baylor.
  4. https://twitter.com/itsmaxthompson/status/735293536883478528

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  5. dead.
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  6. It's not the June 3rd date to watch out for (Baylor's official decision/position on matters), it's the days leading up...

    The fate of the entire leadership associated with this mess will likely leak before then (already has begun)...

    Wouldn't be surprised to see another OTL or similar report early next week to up the ante IMO.
  7. Can we stick to talking about football instead of being jealous of Baylor's rap sheet?
    Here summarized by ABC news and AP if you don't have the rap sheet in chronological order.
  8. https://twitter.com/caitgalla/status/735458076078280704
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    In part:  
    "I was an earnest high school senior, eager to live out my faith on a college campus that shared my values, when I chose to attend Baylor University. I would like to believe that, had I been a victim of sexual assault, Baylor would have immediately investigated claims of sexual violence and acted swiftly to hold responsible anyone who participated in creating and sustaining a culture of sexual violence — even the coach of the winning football team or the president who turned a blind eye. And today, I would like to believe that a Baptist institution — the very school that taught me the beauty of this faith tradition I claim — would reflect the convictions of that faith: loving a God who calls us to justice, and loving each other — especially the weakest, the victims, among us.
    Instead, I read about my alma mater and I read only a story about power and wealth; where this university could be a voice for justice, it is instead championing the status quo. You know as well as I do: if anyone is fired it will be because their threat to the bottom line is greater than the revenue they can generate. And once again we will send a message to victims of sexual assault that we care more about a salacious story and about institutional preservation than we do about them.
    Baylor University: go ahead and fire your president, along with your athletic director and any coaches whose players have committed sexual violence, if you’re brave enough to do that.
    Then, apologize with all the sincerity you can muster.
    Next, show those young women who were violated, and the world, that you’re serious about justice by pursuing it in any way you can.
    Finally, stop worshiping the god of athletic income generation and remember your mission."
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  10. I wonder if Jim Harbaugh is looking forward to his football camp with Briles on June 12th?  
    Or just maybe he comes down with a bad cold.
  11. Great read from Chicago:
    Bernstein: Is Baylor Really Going To Get Away With This?
    May 25, 2016 11:38 AM By Dan Bernstein
    [The concluding excerpt]:

    "This behavior by such a purportedly godly school would seem to fly in the face of its stated mission, “to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community.”
    I have a different version:
    “The mission of Baylor University is to create a dominant football team that makes as much money as possible, regardless of the effect it may have on the welfare of our students, particularly women. We will foster an environment of rampant, violent criminality and turn a deaf ear to the cries of victims. We pledge to pervert our Christian beliefs in the name of football, populating our campus with predators who are allowed to act with impunity.”
    There. Fixed that for you."

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  12. Why are so many great jabs coming out of Chicago? Pastorfrog must be at work here.
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  13. ^^^

    I've said this many times about Baylor, and this is a good time to say it again.

    There is a percentage (not sure how large but I'd guess around 20-40%) of Baylor alumn/supporters who are drawn to Baylor because of the Christian propaganda they use as a marketing scheme. These folks are genuinely good folks who are led astray into believing Baylor is what it claims to be. These folks are continually let down by their leadership and the majority of Baylor alumn/supporters.

    For those people, I feel badly. And those people are the examples I turn to when I say I would never let my kids go to Baylor. They're simply a big scam, and have been for decades. Their Christian "message" is simply marketing.
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  14. This Washington Post article has some interesting insights on religion and sexual assault.

    The Ken Starr-Baylor story shows how religious schools struggle to deal with sex assault

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    Erm...Caitlin, the BOR has the and they (presumably) made/will make the decision to fire KS based - at least partially - on what was in that report. 
    Caitlin says she is "confident in KS's integrity."  On what basis does Caitlin, personally, know anything about his integrity?
  16. Read the Baylor comments at the bottom of the petition. None of them remarking about the victims , it's full on praise for Starr and Briles. Sickening
    just someone trying to seek attention... with people like this, i would love to see an experienced interviewer ask them a series of questions on a live broadcast and ask them to back up their claims.
  18. The fact these pictures exist just kills me. 

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