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Another week, another victim. ESPN Outside the Lines: Baylor didn't investigate sex assault claim a

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. I like to imagine that Briles is tatted up like Johnny 23 in Con Air
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  2. What's wrong with tatts?
  3. I'm always amused when they bring up the point about actions taken by Oakman or Sam U (or anyone else) when those two are "no longer on the team".

    Makes me want to ask if Sandusky no longer being on staff excuses his actions.
  4. Sandusky never played a down.
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  5. Not sure if it's been mentioned, but Sirius XM College does a nice rolling promo every hour or two on Baylor. Savage. There is such thing as bad publicity.
    have you ever seen a head football coach that had to wear long sleeves in public to cover up his tatts?
    i haven't.
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  7. How do you know why he wears long sleeves? Not defending Briles but you made the statement he is covering up his tatts. I don't think you have proof.
  8. It's been a running joke around here for years. Stop looking to get offended.
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  9. https://twitter.com/ChuckFnStrong/status/735124242325327873
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  10. Baylor fans will consider Starr a martyr. They will never admit any wrong doing. This is all due to UTs jealousy of their greatness.

    Delusion personified.
  11. Starr isn't the only one who should get the axe.
  12. Really?
  13. http://www.sportingnews.com/ncaa-football/news/baylor-football-art-briles-ken-starr-fired-report-sexual-assault-rape-allegations/
    Baylor firing Ken Starr but not Art Briles only would fuel scandal
    By Kami Mattioli
    Updated at 11:44 a.m. ET
    Ah, summer ... the time of year when many are looking for the quickest ways to shed dead weight. In the wake of on-going corruption within its football program, Baylor University is no different, except that instead of pounds, it's people.
    Specifically, Baylor's regents are working to oust embattled president Kenneth Starr, according to a Tuesday report from Horns Digest. The report cites the board of regents' growing unease with the way in which Starr handled — or didn't, in this particular case — sexual assault and rape allegations involving football players.
    While it seems logical to conclude that axing Starr amid the growing scandal is necessary, doing so without also giving head coach Art Briles the boot would send the exact wrong message — that the football program is, as always, untouchable. 
    . . . 

    According to the Horns Digest report, the board of regents wants to replace Starr in the interim with Reagan Ramsower, the university's chief financial officer and senior vice president of operations. Sounds like a good plan, right? Except for this: Ramsower is responsible for oversight of the campus police.
    Is there not a single sensible person in Waco? It's beginning to seem that way.
    For a university already too deeply entangled with its local law enforcement, promoting Ramsower would be a grievous misstep.

    Making Starr the fall guy only corroborates the idea that alignment with the football program at Baylor is a cloak of invincibility. This situation is a package deal. If it truly wants to prove its mettle as an academic institution, Baylor needs to start fresh — without Starr and without Briles.
    Summer is coming soon. Time to cut the dead weight.
  14. This was my thought too when I first heard the news but sadly I don't think it will happen. Baylor is going all in on football and will never fire Briles. They're gonna ride him all the way, like that nuclear bomb in Dr. Strangelove....
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  15. I just don't get it. Philip Montgomery would be as good as Briles. Briles is good but not irreplaceable.

    Starr does need to be fired along with the AD, assistant AD, head football coach and coaches, etc. Maybe not fire them all but firing the president shows how big this corruption/scandal was/is. And Briles is the captain of the ship he should go too. Briles is the reason these athletes/criminals came to Baylor.
  16. Unless more comes out from the report, Briles will be safe. Not surprising.
    ESPN will slowly begin to stop covering it, and pull the OTL stuff soon
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    Hold on....easy now.....no need for name calling around here.

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