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Another Wednesday in this [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] hole

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by IPA_Lover69, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. Driving down university today and had to take an alternate route. Why? Because some fire hydrant busted and flooded the entire street like Niagara Falls. I legit thought Hurricane Katrina was taking place again. Good grief. Didn't realize I had to be Christopher Columbus and navigate the rough seas on my way to work. Nothing like turning a 6 minute commute into a 46 minute detour because 4 construction workers felt like sleeping in.

    Not to worry, for lunch, we took some clients to HG Supply Co. 2 down payments, an unsecured mortgage, and my car keys later, we got some chips and queso to the table. Glad I paid $34 for a piece of seaweed that some queer metrosexual just threw up onto my plate.

    The weather has dropped 20 degrees in an hour and it's just pissing rain. After work I'll go to the local pub and see if my bank can lend me another mortgage for a coors light. By golly, I love it here!
  2. You arent going to last very long for trolling on a city we all love. Get off of Fort Worth- we are the best.
  3. He's an IPA lover. He clearly has bad taste.
  4. On a humorous note, the trash men came early today, so after the flood, my neighbor who lives near the drain, had twenty empty trash cans in his yard!

    It's happened before and he said it's always fascinating that there are always a couple that never get retrieved. One wonders how long you can go before you have to throw out your trash!
  5. And, your from.....? (just curious. We're all from somewhere at one time) It's got its faults but this city is better than most.
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Go back to your Waco Pappadeaux, [ the old ricardo ]sucker.
  8. A 40 minute detour on University? I call [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ].
  9. Speaking of Art, IPA why don't you consider Italy?

    Land of Mussolini, age 45 retirement, and hyper inflation.

    Sounds like you'd fit in well.

    Enjoy your nasty tasting IPA beer with the slice of orange to make it drinkable.
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  10. I thought you lived in Wyoming
  11. Speaking of taking clients to lunch... a few years ago, we had some guys at the office take 2 clients from London to lunch at "Westside Steakhouse." I have no clue how they ended up there, but found out later it was actually Rick's Cabaret, but the receipt attached to the expense report showed "Westside Steakhouse."

    The following night, the clients were on their own for dinner. Sundance Square? West 7th? No.... Westside Steakhouse.
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  12. I learned today I will have to have colon surgery....
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. It was better when it was New Orleans Nights

    Not that I’d know anything about that
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  15. Hmmm. I’m in the Residence Inn in Waco. I thought this thread was about someone in close proximity. NM carry on while I try to log on and watch TCU baseball from this [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] hole
  16. Times legit posters whine about the price of an expensible business lunch or beer - zero.
  17. hey, hey, hey. Good people in Wyoming. Some of the best I've ever met. Might actually top Texans for friendliness.
  18. Hey, hey now, nothing wrong with a good IPA...beer that is. Not this idiot. If he doesn’t know how wonderful Fort Worth is, I doubt he knows good beer either. Probably has a 12 pack of Keystone in his fridge.
  19. HG is downstairs from my office. I go there usually once a week with clients. Sometimes I get a bowl with Wagyu beef and sometimes I get a $9 bowl of chili. Nearly any business lunch for 2 is going to be $30-40, minimum.
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  20. [QUOTE="IPA_Lover69, post: 2697158, member: ]
    The weather has dropped 20 degrees in an hour and it's just pissing rain. After work I'll go to the local pub and see if my bank can lend me another mortgage for a coors light. By golly, I love it here![/QUOTE]

    Could have been worse. I was on the #2 green when the blue norther came through. Two more holes and we were headed back to the clubhouse.

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