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Andy to regain starting QB position

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. That is all I’ve got because I generally only root for whoever is playing the Cowboys
  2. They should just not win a game this year so they can have their pick of the litter next year. Love Andy but he is not in their future plans. I am not sure Andy will be a starter in the league going forward but he can do well as a backup, unless he can get a gig like Chase Keenum did this year for the skins.
  3. Yea I don’t even get the point of going back to him now
  4. They want to avoid embarrassment of 0-16. That simple. Attendance is abysmal and they want to give fans a chance at a win so they will show up. They would’ve won last two games with AD.
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  5. Being re-named starting QB of the Bungles is like being re-appointed Captain of the Titanic. It's become an utterly dysfunctional franchise that needs drastic change beginning at the top, as in owner, GM, etc.

    If they do finish in a position to have the #1 draft pick in 2020...will Tua be their man?
  6. I wish he had a team with an OL and WRs that could catch... Kinda like TCU's current situation. Interesting parallel having two red headed QBs in the same predicament.
  7. Redskins already have 2 wins. Bengals have the #1 slot pretty much locked up even if they win the next two games.

    They're giving Dalton a chance to win a game and show his trade potential. These are his last two games in Cinci.
  8. It is good for Andy because he can show he can still play. I would hope most NFL GMs would see that Joe Namath in his prime would not win with that team. Everyone saw awful they were with the rookie and now AD can lead them to a win or two. Joe Burrow would thank him if he pulled it off and pushed the Dolphins back to the top pick.

    It might help him land in a better situation next year maybe as a backup QB in Chicago or Denver or Carolina with a chance to play quickly when the starter has a quick hook.
  9. Financially, Andy should be set for life.

    He should just do whatever he wants, for him and his families sake.

    Move back to DFW, or wherever family is and if something football related pops up(TCU offense consultant?) so be it.

    Continue his charity work that is also doing great.

    He can also ride the bench the rest of his career but does he really want to go through the training, preseason and be away from his family every year?

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