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Anderson to be OL coach.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Wexahu, Dec 20, 2019.

  1. nope, just an [ Arschloch]
  2. I’m in disbelief. I feel like I’ve suffered Anderson a majority of my adult life. He OC then , I thought it was over and we were done. I thought he was going to be an analyst or something. Now he’s back at OL. It’s like some relentless character always coming back to haunt the lake house or mansion.
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  3. Foot in mouth
  4. And gets dominated in the playoffs.

    Really a bad look for the big 12, and tcu at that.

    we can’t beat ou and they are totally outclassed by another conference.
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  5. When I used to go to his luncheons, he makes remarks that I am like... I just read that on killerfrogs lol
  6. that's just an indication of how wise posters are here.
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  7. Now you understand the wisdom here.

    We've been telling GP how puss poor cumbie has been for years.

    Now we get to enjoy this sinking ship for at least another year
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. nice to see pryor getting some playing time.
  10. When can we expect this hiring of a Big 10 coach to be announced?
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  11. You know Virginia Tech isn’t in the Big Ten, right?
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  12. Probably not.
  13. Never mind that Cumbie doesn’t work for him or the fact that anyone who reads the other board knew about Kill a week before BP posted this. Either way, kudos to you BP, it’s the closest you’ve come to being right in years.
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  14. Curious, what do you mean Cumbie doesn't work for him? So Kill basically has a supervisory role over the whole offense but doesn't have any real power over the people he is supervising?

    Given the circumstances, it still screams "chopping block". Even if it is portrayed as similar to the Dykes situation, having to hire a mentor for the same guy at the same level of responsibility twice suggests that the guy is the problem.
  15. Does your random forest model account for turf conditions and loss of performance acceleration in the second half or did you utilize a jump diffusion model to overcome the randomness of the bounce on turf vs grass and the cleat performance/slippage ratio?
  16. Yeah that is it - GP has given up....what an idiot
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  17. So EVERY coordinator at Alabama under Saban has had a QC role advisor doing this same thing- I guess they all sucked also?
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  18. Doubt he has time to peruse, but he at least knows it exists. He's whined before about how recruits read it. I'm sure there's at least one assistant that reads it for humor but ends up with consternation.

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