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. . . . and so it begins. Run Joe Run!

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Nick Danger, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. Now back to Joe!

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    If the 2020 Presidential election comes down to Trump and Joe Biden, Trump will have a very hard time making any "political hay" out of the idea that Biden is somehow more lecherous or lascivious than Trump. For every one of your Biden photo's, the media will trot out five Trump videos that will cast him in an even more unsavory light.

    So, his re-election team might want to try and find an area where Trump doesn't look significantly worse in comparison! Perhaps you could try intellect, empathy for his fellow citizens, his policy insights (once he has one of his "advisers" tell him what they are) , his grasp of history , or his "people skills" in assembling a "world class" WH staff . . . :confused:

  3. Just wanted to briefly return to this idea that trying to make Joe Biden look like a creepy lech is a winning strategy come 2020. Just recently, Trump shot himself in the foot . . . twice . . . as highlighted by this news clip, in his headlong rush to offend and alienate almost every woman (the non Trump base voter anyway) in this country.

    His campaign staff really ought to rethink this potential strategy as it doesn't seem to have much chance of success and would appear to be a waste of valuable campaign time . . . as would his continued fixation on going after Elizabeth Warren! :confused:

    Trump's approval with Republican women is collapsing!
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    You can forget all the false bravado coming from Trump in regards to him running against "Uncle Joe" Biden in 2020. Apparently, it ain't so . . .

    Trump fears Biden, losing Pennsylvania!

    I particularly liked this subtle dig at Trump at the end of the article . . .
  5. Biden...simply another rehashed protege of the Obama Doctrine of Socialism.
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    As with the "Biden's a lech" meme, you're going to have a hard time convincing anyone, much less a sizable block of voters, that Joe Biden is a Socialist (he uses the term populist)! And if both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren run as anticipated, their decidedly more leftist/"progressive" policy proposals will make Joe Biden (and Julian Castro for that matter) seem like a Rockefeller Republican .
  7. It only keeps getting better and better for Joe and Julian! Now Michael Avenatti is thinking about running for President in 2020 as another "progressive firebrand" in the same vein as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren . . .

    Apparently, his whole campaign will be based, not on presenting any new, fresh policy initiatives, but on continuously getting in Trump's face and initiate a war of words with Trump and not back down! In viewing the video, I pretty much agree with Jennifer Rubin's take that this is a stupid idea but it will slice the progressive pie up into even smaller slices! ;)
  8. Looks like Joe's headed to the new Instagram TV app with a series of video spots leading up to the November elections, that offers his take on issues of the day.

    Here's the Deal!
  9. Ran across this guy's take on how a Biden / O'Rourke Democratic ticket would fare against a Trump / Pence ticket in 2020. Not sure who this guy is but he has done a lot of these potential matchups. I just found it interesting that he even has O'Rourke beating Trump on his own, should he actually run for President, which I doubt he will. But a Biden / O'Rourke ticket would do pretty well, again in this guys opinion.

  10. More evidence that Democrats aren't all that enthused with the leftist "progressive" agenda as promoted by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and that all the up-and-comers still have a ways to go! Run Joe Run!

    New Democratic "Pre-season" poll!
  11. Quite sad, actually. When you look at some of the potentials like Booker and Warren, Biden is far and away a more likeable and trustworthy character.
  12. Hey, the Boston globe just confirmed that I have more Native American in me than Warren. Glad that national crisis is over.

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