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And Doctors Say The Human Brain Doesn’t Mature until 25 or 30?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. That dumbass cost his team the game. Of course, the broadcast focused on the poor kicker who missed the tying extra point, but he wouldn't have had to make the longer kick had the dumbass WR merely handed the ball to the Official and ran back to his sideline.

    The stupidity of the Touchdown Celebration long ago jumped the shark. Were I this kid's coach, he'd be running stands for the rest of his natural life...
  2. I, for one, thought the kid should be awarded a medal, not a flag. You lift your leg to pee-pee like a dog when you’re playing your in-State rival, Bulldogs? Brilliant!
  3. This reopens the wound on the OU players that ran 50 yards to celebrate a turnover against us with no flag....
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  4. I hate the excessive celebration/taunting penalty. As I've said before, these kids work 365 days a year to be ready for 12 games in which they might play, and might record a meaningful statistic if they do. If you just scored the game-tying touchdown vs. your hated rival at their place on Thanksgiving Day I don't think stripping naked and running around in circles like a crazy man is proportionately "excessive".
  5. My high school mascot was the bulldog. Our best striker on the soccer team once scored an awesome goal (one of 47 he scored that season) against our hated rival and ran to the corner flag to do this very thing. We all thought it was hilarious, but he didn't play the rest of the game and almost didn't finish his punishment miles to be eligible for the next game. He was also shown a yellow card. He also thought it was all worth it.
  6. Wow. He really pissed away that victory.
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  7. I watched this happen live. I’m in a pick em league that picks against the spread and I picked Ole Miss to cover the +2.5 point spread.

    I told my wife I really hope they score and go for two so that whether they get it or not, I’d get my pick right versus having to risk MSU winning by 3 or more in OT. This little stunt was even better. Thanks Ole Piss.
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  8. best shot though was after he has drawn the flag and pushed the pat back he can be seen on the sideline walking with ole miss' big play belt slung over his shoulder

    somehow i blame social media, espn, and champ kein
  9. I miss the days where players like LT just handed the ball back to the refs without making each score an opportunity to make a public statement.
  10. Neither of those competing institutions are generally considered to be bastions of scholarly pursuit.
  12. Didn’t LT do that once—6 times, same game?

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