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An open letter to TCU Football

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Armadillo, Oct 19, 2019.

  1. Yeah, a QB that is "supposedly" healthy. Is that one of your "facts". I don't do anything but spew insults at you because you aren't worthy of anything else. You make ignorant "factual" comments then don't like it when someone points out how ignorant they are.
  2. So, in other words, you are unable to identify the players who have been developed to their potential by our offensive staff and continue your diatribe of insults instead? Ok, carry on.
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  3. No way he would take the job.
  4. Idiot, I didn't claim they have or haven't developed any players. I pointed out your ignorant argument that you can claim they haven't based on the fact that a redshirt freshman QB that had a devastating knee injury in high school hasn't become the starter over another freshman QB. Oh, but I forgot, he is "supposedly" healthy now.
  5. And now you've resorted to things I simply did not say. I didn't say a thing about him not being the starter. I said he was behind players who were developed elsewhere naming specifically the players and where they were developed, including a grad transfer who cannot play and a walk-on QB. I made a blanket statement that we are bad at developing offensive players and very clearly said "look no further" than him as an example.

    Obviously, we are just going to disagree here and I'm not going to resort to insults toward you so have a good evening.
  6. Good night. Anyone remember Boykins first season after Casey got hurt. This is better than that by far. Give it time.
  7. The TCU Football program is in a tailspin towards cellar dweller. A definitive trend downward is in full effect and it starts as well ends with HCGP. After a merciful end to this 3-9 hot mess, HCGP is at a crossroads. He either needs to make a lot of staff changes or he should step away from the game and give someone else a shot. Another season of stubborn stuck in my ways football will spell doom for the foreseeable future of TCU football.
  8. I believe this is where we are.

    We can say this position coach should be replaced or this player should be starting, etc, but hey, it's way bigger than that. The team is not responding to the present situation.

    Conference realignment is coming soon, be mindful of that, it's real, real, important. Our entire football program needs to be reviewed after the season and hopefully after the review we can restart some upward momentum. 5 out of the last 8 seasons we will have finished in the bottom half of the Big 12.
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  9. Why do you conveniently leave out three top 10 finishes over that same time period? You know how many teams in the big 12 have done the same? Probably not because you seem sports dumb most of the time.
  11. True. Only maybe if Gary and our ad promised him the head coach position in a couple years
  12. That’s true, but no way he ever becomes the Baker Mayfield who wins the Heisman and gets drafted without Kliff and Riley coaching him.
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  13. Sonny would cost $3MM
  14. Sonny is worth that.
  15. until he isn’t...
  16. We finished in 5th place once and tied for 5th place twice. So no, we will have only finished in the bottom half of the conference in 2013 and possibly this year. That is 2x out of 8 years, with 3 top 10 finishes as well
  17. As I recall, TCU and other colleges backed off of Mayfield because they didn't want the baggage of his father to deal with. Am I remembering that right?
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  18. Indeed.

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