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Alex Honig-Now listed at TE on 2022 roster


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Was looking at the additions and changes on the 2022 roster and saw that Alex Honig is now listed at TE. Perspective from anyone on how they think
he will do at that position?


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We need to use Alex's athletic ability while he is given a shot or not at QB. Think he is a smart kid to realize his best shot at an NFL career is as a Gronkowski and not as Brady.

Toad Jones

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He’ll do rather well, especially after Coach Kazadi works with his body.
Yeah let's give the young guy a chance. Many instances where a youngster turned out to be rather special and, I have a thought he might just be that type. Size, smarts, and probably a lot more athletic than we imagined. But Alex, you've got to really put forth the effort no matter the position. And our poster is right, it starts with Kaz.


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Yall. He played against NFL Europe caliber competition before coming to America.

He needs to not be a QB.

(Meaning, things haven't quite translated over and the coaching staff have a clear understanding of what his capacity is moving forward)
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