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Aledo gonna Aledo

Discussion in 'Hell's Half Acre' started by Bonner4Prez, Apr 12, 2021.

  1. [ What the heck? ]??!!
  2. In before relegation
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    I’m again thanking God that my most dumbasstic years predated social media
  4. What were you expecting?
  5. Couldn’t get around the paywall, but just heard the story on The Ticket.

    The fact that it’s 2021 and this [ #2020 ] is still going on is absurd. What the scheiss is wrong with people?!?

    And if you’re not teaching your children that it’s simply never ok to talk, act, or even think like this, you need to take a serious look in the mirror as you’re perpetuating the problem.
  6. Looks like Aledo needs to recruit a little better students. They do great with the football team in recruiting, but their general population isn't looking too good.
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  7. Is Aledo the new feeder area for Tech? This feels very Tech.
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  8. Don't throw the entire school under the bus, just because of the vile actions of a few.
    The district handled this appropriately, then word got out, and now the entire school, and basically the entire district, is being vilified.
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  9. They actually do send a TON of kids to Tech. Generally, when I was still at Tech, my Aledo students were top notch for the most part but they partied hard, even the girls. I know a girl from Aledo that went to Tech that parties so hard Motley Crue would have trouble keeping up...
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  10. This will not go away like they hoped.... the recruits families are not happy and are contacting anyone that will listen
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  11. The entire point of protecting “hate speech” under the first amendment is that you can “fight bad speech with good speech.” The good speech is giving the community/district the public thrashing it deserves.

    Foe the most part, Aledo is a growing and changing community—becoming a more highly educated FW suburb. Things will get better in time. Condemning the bad acts and misguided values is a good start.

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