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Alamo Bowl Game Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by frogs9497, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. That's what they said at the beginning of the broadcast.
  2. Its too easy. I could catch or complete passes on our broke secondary. 
  3. It amazes me how poorly our DB's play the ball.
  4. Why does anyone run any other play?
  5. That was pretty damn clear
  6. This is going to be an epic blowout
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  7. Oregon is trash.
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  8. Now they are tackling our LBs
  9. Glad the players enjoyed themselves this week....smh
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  10. thank god I'm not at the game.
  11. And not good at tackling. I wish No. 22 would get LSU's bathroom situation. 
  12. I say we break them all until ref's start throwing holding flags
  13. clear hold on Pierson
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  14. Thank god this season is almost over
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  15. Was unreal. Jersey over the helmet
  16. Hope our guys had fun partying all week
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  17. they've already thrown holding flags, on us.
  18. Why are the officials not calling a hold? We have no chance if the officials are going to continue to allow them to hold. 
  19. Need game changing late hit when they get inside the 10
  20. ESPN is jizzing their pants at this.

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