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ADJD’s BIG and NEW Game Day Announcements!

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by netty2424, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. I seem to recall Windegger coming out with all purple double knits in the 70s. I think they wore them once. We looked like ‘the fighting grape popsicles’.
  2. Did the filter change that?
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Wish ADJD had mentioned that our video board is just ever so slightly larger than Baylor’s (I believe 18” in both height and width)
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  5. Depends on your frame of reference I suppose..
  6. Dr. Earl Waldrop was the first to wear a full purple suit back in the late '60's. He was one of the Vice Chancellors in the Sadler administration who remained into the next after Sadler retired in the '70's, I believe. He may have been in charge of fund raising, or PR of some sort. That purple suit (one of several) was so much a part of his personal, he was buried in one decades later into his 90's. He was definitely a character!
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  7. Big enough that planes leaving DFW and Dallas Love will be able to check the score as they pass overhead!
  8. I prefer the one in FW for College Gameday, with the TCU flag there at the end.
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  9. Buddy and I were talking about this the other day. SEC teams did this last year and he said it made a big difference in getting the crowd back into the game before the timeout was over. Is a great idea
  10. Don't give them any ideas...
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  11. Not good enough! Lets have "play through" like they do on Golf and NASCAR.
    Or just have commercials at Time Outs, Before kickoffs, Quarter changes and Halftime. Good gosh....isn't that enough?
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  12. They will never sell beer stadium wide because that would mean no re-entry and they are too scared to do that
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  13. Is this a satire account?
  14. Just just facts

  15. I guess we will see how important getting and keeping butts in seats really is.

    Or, how important the additional revenue is...

    I'll have a beer. Or two. At the tailgate. In the stands. Or both. ADJD's choice.
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  16. This post is basically a guarantee that beer will be sold throughout the stadium this year and re-entry will not be allowed.
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  17. From what I understand it’s going to happen. I don’t remember if it’s this season or next.
  18. I’ve been out of the loop lately, but the piece of signage SnoSki posted was supposedly shot down as something just being moved over from Lipton.

    I have no clue if that’s true. But if they’re going to start selling beer, there will be some things making it physically, readily apparent as we get closer. And honestly I’d be surprised if they roll it out at the last minute as there are all sorts of things to sort out — signage to print and hang, additional security contractors, changes to the catering agreement with Sodexo, insurance to acquire, ticket holders to update etc. I just think we’d know by now. And I really would be surprised if they popped in a no re-entry policy after renewals and parking sales.

    Who knows - this year, next year, or the next. It’s always just been a matter of time.

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