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ADJD’s BIG and NEW Game Day Announcements!

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by netty2424, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. We should get to vote on our run blocking scheme.
  2. Also, why are we pretending that they aren’t going to do both a blackout and a whiteout?
  3. And purple.
  4. I vote we do black/white outs at away games.
  5. Let’s all do a whiteout at a Penn State game this year.
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  6. A black out on Black Friday works well. A white out works only during the first half of the season when it's warm. Never do a white out later in the season. It doesn't work. Not everyone has a white coat or sweatshirt.
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  7. Cue the black jacket jokes...
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  8. Or wait until it’s raining.
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  9. So only one game will be black or white out which is nice for the people who hate being told what to wear.
  10. I left it there for someone else too. The origin story of those is before my days on the board I believe.
  11. Obviously we can’t do a black out because no one owns a black jacket
  12. Also based on the number of comments we get here from “fans” who straight up refuse to dress as requested, maybe color blocking should be abandoned entirely
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  13. The color blocking always looks really bad IMO. The white out usually looks pretty bad too. The only successful ones IMO are the purple out and the black out.
  14. #@Deep_Purple claimed a black out late in the season one year would fail b/c literally nobody had black jackets. And he was serious and defended his ridiculous claim. For several pages.
  15. The white out looks terrific. Go back and look at those games on Youtube. The white really stands out and who doesn't have a white shirt? Really it looks more impressive that a purple out which is unfortunately not a color that stands out.
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  16. Well, 90% of us do it. We can't help the old foggies who won't try anything different.
  17. One white out game and one black out game if we must have 2

    Do not do alternating color sections as that is a failure each time it is done

    I don't do twitter and not going to join to vote
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    Thanks. I knew the gist, but not the full details.
  19. Those who are better at searching for old threads on here may find it and post the link to it here. It's worth the read. Great entertainment.
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  20. That's what smu did last year, and it was pretty good.

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