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Adam Silver's gonna have to grovel more

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by FBallFan123, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. i'm confused, since edward snowden is still alive. are you saying morrey is the future gm of cska moscow or did you mean to say he is the new vince foster since you brought the clintons and death into the comment.
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  2. Those are two separate thoughts. I didn't mean for them to be sequential.
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  3. Let me add that they are equal in nature as well.
  4. I'm a Very Stable Genius, and my post was the Most Beautiful Post, it was Perfect. SO beautiful. You are WitchHuntCorruptFakeNews and should be executed for Treason.
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  5. Confirmed...
  6. Vince Foster, Jr was my cousin on my mother's side. Vince Foster's son is also a TCU grad and Sigma Chi--thread carefully guys as humor is not appreciated
  7. Guess this is becoming a thing...

  8. So wait, where are we on the "I don't want politics in my sports, shut up and dribble" mantra that we heard during the NFL protests? Are we cool with politics as long as it's criticism of China and not the US government?
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    Hard to put that genie back in the bottle after moving an All Star game to protest a state bill.

    With that said, China/HK wasn’t an NBA topic until Morey tweeted and China responded and then Silver responded... with Tsai, Fertitta, chiming in along with many US politicians.

    It’s a story.

    Should owners, coaches, players, commissioner not be asked about this?
  10. Who’s protesting? Seems more like a PSA by “fans” who may or may not be skilled at dribbling. The introduction of “politics” into this was on the part of the Communist Chinese. Haven’t seen a dribbler speak out yet but maybe they have. Kerr said he was ignorant apparently which is the better position to take. Has anyone knelt symbolically or otherwise during the Chinese national anthem?
  11. Kinda my point though. The players are, for the most part, "shutting up and dribbling", and the league is trying to take an apolitical stance, and it seems fans are getting upset at that, many of whom (our President included) were the same who took such exception to political activism a few years ago.
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  12. Agree with this. Seems that, as is often the case, politics makes everyone hypocrites.
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  13. So you think Silver was being apolitical and tossing fans with signs is being apolitical?
  14. I mean yeah, it's his attempt to remove any political expression, right? It's as apolitical "If you kneel during the national anthem you'll be fined" is, I suppose. Now that this China thing is an issue, seems we're saying action OR inaction is "political" one way or the other though.
  15. I’m assuming the NBA has probably circulated a memo, much like ESPN, for everyone around the league to not talk about China/HK....cuz hearing a lot of the same responses.

    It seems Silver was slow to recognize how big the story was, but has since taken control of the situation.

    I’m sure they’d love to have Morey retract it, but that won’t play well in the US.

    They also don’t want any more responses like there were early on...

  16. Silver is quoted saying it’s “part of being an NBA player”...


    Silver said the "sense of an obligation, social responsibility, a desire to speak up directly about issues that are important" is something that's been passed down over the decades. It's "part of being an NBA player."


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