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Adam Silver's gonna have to grovel more

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by FBallFan123, Oct 8, 2019.


  2. Normally I’d say something like “If the NBA caves to China on this I’m done watching” but I already don’t watch, so .....
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  3. Same here.

    I've been done with the NBA for about a decade....they'll feel no economic impact from me (continuing) to not watch it.
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  4. It amazes me how well that league does financially given the quality of the product. Players literally going about 75% speed all season, even sitting out games here and there just because the season is so long. What a bore.

    I have nothing against basketball, but you couldn't pay me to watch a regular season game on TV. I'll get marginally interested once the conference finals roll around.
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  5. Yep. Literally zero interest in the NBA for me. I don’t love college hoops either but I’ll watch any TCU game or a good matchup.
  6. We still have good Ping Pong relations, right?
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and scheiss baylor & china
    ...and the nba
  7. I hate the NBA. Haven't watched it in years. Funny how they take stands on social issues when it comes to trannies in bathrooms, but make excuses for China.

    South Park nailed it last week with their China episode.

    The issue is most of our politicians are bought and paid for by China. Dianne Feinstein, Justin Amash, Mitch McConnell, the Bidens. It would be easier to list politicians NOT bought off by China. That is the root of most of the opposition to Trump - the fact he is trying to end the unlevel playing field with China in which most US politicians and Wall Street profit off of at the expense of the US consumer. They just use [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] like "racism" and "unpresidential" as a head fake, the real reason they hate Trump is because he is taking on China
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  8. Tell us how you REALLY feel. Let it out, man.
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  9. wow--like wow you posted this and anti-Semitism to boot

    Take your meds and readjust the tinfoil hat as it is too tight.
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  12. Yeah, I still don't quite understand the market for regular season NBA games.

    There's only a handful or so real contenders each season...sometimes fewer.

    Meaning 85-90% of the league isn't even really in the championship picture.

    You don't need 82 games to determine which teams are/aren't real contenders.

    And you certainly don't need half the league making the playoffs...when some teams that make it aren't even above .500.

    I think that's why NBA coverage - driven by ESPN's huge contract with the league - is often primarily about off-court drama, not even what happens on the basketball court.
  13. Not only primarily about off-the-court drama, but almost exclusively about it. That and just individual players. The teams and who actually wins the games are almost totally irrelevant.

    You won't have a clue who wins Pelican games this year, but you'll be inundated with Zion highlights and all the accompaning Twitter comments. And endless commentary on who is going to traded and who is going to sign with x team, etc. No thanks.
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  14. I've been saying for years the NBA needs to just turn itself into a one on one league, since the majority of the NBA fanbase doesnt care about teams, but individual players

    Either that or contract the number of NBA teams. Not enough top level talent to go around, so the talent concentrates itself into super teams
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  15. Most of our politicians in both parties owe their allegiences to foreign interests and are bought & paid for.

    Israel owns Texas Senator Ted Cruz

    China owns Mitch McConnell(look up his wife)

    Dianne Feinsten employed a Chinese spy for decades.

    The Saudis also own a lot of politicians - they own several of them here in Nevada
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    Yeah, I live in the SF Bay Area…and the biggest storyline(s) I heard last season seemed to be a) Kevin Durant's free agency, b) Durant's relationship with Draymond Green...and how much did b) impact a).

    Seemed to be the same thing with Kyrie Irving in Boston … while Antonio Davis was blatantly trying to get out of New Orleans.

    It's amazing how gossipy-y NBA coverage has...how does so-and-so get along with these guys, where will this guy end up.

    NBA seems to be barely a sports league.

    i assume NBA writers cover the league the way Entertainment Tonight, TMZ and People magazine cover celebrities.

  17. I’m not taking political sides here but it’s not even remotely into tinfoil hat territory to allege that we have politicians that are bought to some degree by foreign interests.
  18. That's great and all but what took so long??????? Why haven't they been barred for decades?

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