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Adam Silver's gonna have to grovel more

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by FBallFan123, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Silver is probably the best commissioner in sports right now imo.
  2. So at first he apologized for Morey's comments but now he supports him? Is that what I'm getting from this?
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  3. Because he backtracked his league's stance after being roasted by the left and the right?
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  4. Bye, Ferishia.
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  5. FIFY

  6. Silver, still tryna get that Chinese money:

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  7. scheiss China. Cut them off from all things NBA. NBA is an American product that they can’t replicate/steal, for once.

    China seems a little thin skinned that one liked tweet by an employee can send the entire country into a tailspin. Good grief.
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  8. My favorite Chinese quote thus far: “Any speech challenging a country's national sovereignty and social stability is not within the scope of freedom of speech."
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  9. Not according to ratings numbers
    Average rating per regular season game on broadcast networks
    Network Rating
    2017–18 ABC 2.2
    2016–17 ABC 1.9
    2015–16 ABC 2.3
    2014–15 ABC 2.2
    2013–14 ABC 2.3
    2012–13 ABC 2.9
    2011–12 (lockout shortened) ABC 3.3
    2010–11 ABC 3.0
    2009–10 ABC 2.3
    2008–09 ABC 2.3
    2007–08 ABC 2.2
    2006–07 ABC 2.0
    2005–06 ABC 2.2
    2004–05 ABC 2.3
    2003–04 ABC 2.4
    2002–03 ABC 2.6
    2001–02 NBC 2.9
    2000–01 NBC 3.0
    1999–2000 NBC 3.3
    1998–99 (lockout shortened) NBC 4.3
    1997–98 NBC 4.8
    1996–97 NBC 4.7
    1995–96 NBC 5.0
  10. scheiss China
    scheiss the NBA
  11. Ha. Only offended the Politburo but that's more than sufficient offense to get the machinery of state agitated. Gonna be a bad week in Tibet.
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  12. Best response could have been, “The comments made by the Rockets emplyee underscores the vast difference between our two countries. In yours you want to control speech. In ours we try not to.”
  13. Go Frogs! Beat China!

    Did I do that right?
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  14. Silver is just another annoying Wokescold. Pity he can't just move to China and experience their warmth and tolerance all up close and personal...
  15. NBA put two differing statements in English and Chinese.

    The English statement basically said what Morey did was regrettable.

    The Chinese statement saying what Morey did was “inappropriate”.

    Both statements were heavily criticized in the US by pretty much everyone, it looks like.

    Meanwhile, in Japan, Silver was quoted saying Morey was supported in terms of his freedom of expression...which pissed off mainland China.
  16. So he's talking out of his ass. Nice. Nice...
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  17. Lol communists.
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