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Abortion is now (for the most part) banned in Texas

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Planks, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. As of today, Texas’ “heartbeat bill” goes into affect. Typically 85% of abortions are performed after this time. The bill effectively deputizes private citizens with the enforcement of the bill by allowing any private citizen to sue any abortion provider or anyone who helps facilitate the abortion (such as a person who drives someone to get an abortion). No exceptions for rape or incest, other than the person doing the raping can’t be the one to sue.

    I’m surprised I’m not seeing more conservatives on here mentioning this celebrating, this seems like a pretty historic win. While there is some expectation that the Supreme Court could still weigh in, this is the first heartbeat bill to not be stopped in federal court before taking affect.
  2. States' rights. If people in Texas are appalled by this, they can move to a more liberal state. Same reason people are leaving California and NY. If people want it to be a constitutional right then they can attempt to amend the constitution.
  3. Report on your neighbors, people you see, and families...Welcome to the People's Republic Of Texas. Enjoy your time here, Comrades.

    Not to be confused with the Republic Of Texas.
  4. While I am thrilled with the spirit of the bill, this part is precisely why I don't think it will ultimately stand. In order to avoid the trappings of previous bills that didn't pass, they shifted enforcement to private parties, which....no, that's not really how this works.
  5. And here we go...get ready for the Democrats to make their rounds on talk shows comparing Texas Republicans to the Taliban:

  6. This thread should be a fun one.
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  7. Yep. And when SCOTUS strikes it down, liberal heads are going to explode that the "partisan right wing nuts" on SCOTUS are not actually "partisan right wing nuts"

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  9. No matter where you stand on abortion, I don't know why you wouldn't leave it open for situations of rape or molestation. I can see each side of the debate, but that's one area I don't understand. It's not going to be good for the mother or the kid in a majority of those circumstances.
  10. A life's a life, and life is sacred. The circumstances of its creation or the consequences of letting it live are not, by themselves, compelling evidence to allow killing it.
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  11. Not necessarily disagreeing with you, but who decides whether it's going to be good for the mom or the kid? And describe good? I just don't see how that can be the measuring stick.
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  12. What's funny to Steel about the "conservatives" is they profess to hate Big Government, except of course when they want it to do what they want, such as tell women what they can and can't do with their bodies. THEN they flip over and become Big Government Liberals who want to use all the power of the Federal and State Government against women.

    Oh, and look in those smiling groups of legislators surrounding the grey-haired white Gov -- a lot of women in that group, huh?

    One of the worst qualities of the Repubs is that they to a significant degree have allowed the religious nutjobs an outsized influence in the government. Time will no doubt take care of this as people seem to gradually be coming to their senses, but the parties will be the last to figure this out.

    No less a social liberal than Donald Trump actually pandered to them, and they accepted him too! Not sure which end of that unholy alliance is more surprising.
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  13. They just don't want women to be free to do whatever they want with their bodies when that something involves killing another human. Quite a bit of a difference there.

    Abortion really isn't a big government vs little government issue.
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  14. This is a women's issue...let the women decide.
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  15. It most certainly is. It is exclusively one party, the one that is Small Governement in virtually every other issue, but now that same group, because of the outsized influence of a lunatic fringe, that desperately seeks Big Government intervention to advance a Christian religious initiative.
  16. Bingo.

    "Oh, but the life of a baby is sacred."

    Oh, really? Is the life of an asylum-seeker from Nicaragua sacred?

    "Screw that asshat! Send em back!"

    These are the same people.
  17. Lets consider a scenario: A woman decides she really wants to start a business, and a private donor agrees to give her a very large sum of money to start that business. Well that woman decides that she isn't in love with that business idea after spending nearly all the money. There is this problem of that substantial debt that is going to represent a significant impact on her finances and freedom, but that could be alleviated by hiring a hit man to kill the person who gave her the loan. Would that be considered legal? Moral? Ethical?
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  18. Stupid attempt at an analogy that avoids all the real issues.

    Does first trimester mean anything to you? A line has to be drawn somewhere. Do you like to masterbate? Steel bets you do. Steel bets you do very much.

    And let's not overlook a strong underlying thread of these laws which is perpetuation of patriarchy and how anti-abortion legislation enables men to control women’s bodies.

    Also, how many of these lunatics adopt the unwanted children that their religiously-driven laws create? Very few since many if not most of them are poor minorities.

    The hypocrisy of these people is stunning. Most of them are not very smart so they don't see it. The politicians, like Trump, just go along with it for money and political expediency.
  19. I oppose abortion but its at the very bottom of the totem poll in regards to policies that matter to me.
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