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Aaron Rodgers announces retirement

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by froginmn, May 16, 2021.

  1. Tough to think there isn't at least a little animosity tied to this and he's intentionally not giving enough notice.
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  2. Ill take former nfl quarterbacks in show business for $200 Ale... uh A a ron
  3. Who is the Greg Kihn Band, Aaron? I’ll take 80’s pop music for $800.
  4. "I need to get out of my contract with the Packers to play elsewhere, but I don't know how"

    *Phone Rings*

    "Aaron? Bret Favre here, I have an idea.."
  5. Where are you seeing this? I can't find it anywhere.

  6. No idea if it's verified though... the name of the account is sus and I don't see anything on Schefter's account. Came across my feed.
  7. Barry McCockiner?? Nah. Totally verified.

    Holden Mycock and Mike Coxlong have also verified the breaking news.
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  8. Biggus Diccus was already taken...
  9. Ha! Twitter does a good job of flagging conservative comments but apparently lets unfounded rumors survive for hours.
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  10. I confirmed with my sources Hugh G. Rexion, the McGroin brothers Phil and Pat, and Haywood JaBlome.
  11. brian gutenkunst better get every scheissing decision correct for the remainder for his working career because he is about to be known as the guy who drove A scheissING STANDING MVP QUARTERBACK into retirement and replaced him with jordan love, blake scheissing bortles, or a guy off the scheissing street corner

    rodgers is a prima donna, he is a royal pain in the arse, but dude can still play and you scheissed up that relationship so bad you are left with jordan scheissing love and blake bortles who is sad bad his name doesn't need an expletive
  12. Settle down Tucker, it’s a parody account.
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  13. Yes, but he's not wrong
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  14. Aaron will be fine! Hello Jerry.
  15. Seymour Butts
  16. The Affair of Aaron & Brian reads rather like the synopsis of a TV soap opera, but, if accurate, tells the story of how things got from April 2019 to wherever they are today.

    Here's el linko if you're interested in reading...

    It's probably a decent case study for Corporate Communication 101.
  17. Barry McKockiner continues to be the greatest fake name of all-time.
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  18. I wonder if he drinks Dixon's Cider?
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  19. I think he knows Anita Dickenmy.
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