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AAC, ESPN Agree To 12-Year Media-Rights Deal Worth $1B

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Despite the odds Frog, Mar 19, 2019.

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    Nice deal for AAC. $7 million per school. No grant of rights so AAC schools can always leave the conference.

    The American Athletic Conference will get $1B for its media rights from ESPN over 12 years, according to sources. The average of $83.3M per year is about four times what the AAC was making in its previous rights agreement with the net, which paid the league just over $20M annually...
  2. so we read how espn's parent company is bleeding money and yet they just dropped significant money on a conference that when it comes to football really doesn't bring eyeballs to the screens.

    if the aac is worth that much how much is the sec going to ask for from the mouse or anyone else willing to bid?
  3. A poop-ton?

    All I’m concerned with is our renewal deal. Does this mean we will get stupid high numbers when our deal expires, or does this mean their fan base is technologically challenged? What changes in the next 5ish years?
  4. no idea, but i find it funny when we continually hear about how the networks are bleeding money or sports teams are going to slow down on the spending and the boom!!!

    how much competition was there for the aac contract that would make espn up their payout that much?

    seriously this is a conference outside the p5 and the bcs which they control for broadcast rights and they pay that much?

    heck, the angles are about to put almost half a billion on the books in payroll obligations for trout in a deal that extends beyond the mlb baseball contract.
  5. I assume it’s still the cheapest viable programming option available. You have all those networks, you have to produce a lot of programming and fill up all those day parts. I’ve wondered if we don’t see shrinkage in the number of “real” ESPN channels as streaming finishes taking over the programming delivery business. If that happens and it was technically all pay for play on live sports without truly large audiences there could be a huge gap between the haves and have nots develop...even bigger than what we already see.
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  6. What do we extrapolate the Big XII's future 2024 deal being if this is what the AAC got?
  7. A hundred and eleventy mofillion rubles.
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    Believe there must have been a type-o in the contract... tooo many As and not enough Cs....
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  9. Football draw eyes....Even AAC football....This will make the football landscape much more competitive for schools like TCU...We have to continue to invest and grow our brand. I still believe the smartest thing we could do is invest a couple million in marketing our athletic programs with the 15-25 year old demographic. Raising our profile on the field is a no brainer but schools who can creatively push their brand through other avenues will win the war
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  10. The AAC thanks UCF.

    Of course the devil is in the details. A lot of their games are going to be on ESPN+.
  11. However, they must play all games on Wednesdays at 10 am.
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  12. Everybody needs to be preparing to buy an ESPN+ subscription to watch a few Men's Basketball games, all Women's Basketball, and all Baseball games in the relatively near future.
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  13. I could live with this if all college baseball games would be televised. I really think that sport could grow remarkably well if it were as readily available as MLB.
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  14. It came in handy for me during Champ Week
  15. Some form of ESPN+ is the future for everyone.
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    The AAC no doubt has a larger internal viewership audience than the B12. However, the AAC wouldn't have the external audience the Big 12 draws..
  17. Mike Trout isn't impressed

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