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A Treasure Trove of Historical TCU Football Game Footage (SIAP)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by yurintroubl, Jan 1, 2018.

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  2. This is awesome! Thank you!
  3. That first video...how can we be sure that wasn't Nazi Germany?

    Other obs:
    We faked a FG for a TD pass!
    Someone kicked about an 80 yd punt in the air.
    The milk boys in CS pranced around just as they do today.
    We wore black, or so it seems.
    White guys were fast back then.
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  4. The Davey O'Brien highlights were pretty darn cool to watch.
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  5. Very cool! Considering it was almost 90 years ago, the game actually looked more similar to today’s game than I thought it would. The fake field goal was sublime, that holder threw a bullet.
  6. Were the refs wearing lab coats?
  7. I'm pretty sure that was what dentists used to wear. Which makes sense because the lack of facemasks on the helmets and all.
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  8. Check out the second part of the 1956 SWC highlights. Short profiles of Jim Swink and Norman Hamilton plus film of the 1957 Cotton Bowl with Swink, Chuck Curtis and Jim Brown from Syracuse. Also shows the blocked extra point by Chico Mendoza that gave TCU the win.
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    Thanks, lots of great memories that some of us oldies saw in person. No, I did not see "Rags" and the 1929 team.:rolleyes:.
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  10. Thank you, so much!
  11. That first pass by Davy O'Brien on his highlight reel travelled 45-50 yards in the air. That is pretty amazing.

    Thank you for posting yurintroubl.
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  12. Aw, they're just a bunch of old boys whose daddies made them go to A&M.
  13. Watching the Lavender Hill Mob beat the Aggies in 71 was fun. Amazing how often Charlie Davis beat his man. What a beast. Could’ve used a roster of guys like him, even as those teams got worse Charlie was always good...
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  14. Bump for new videos added to the playlist. There are now 53.

    Additions include 3 videos from the 1979 season and TCUvUT '67.

    This guy has A LOT of footage, apparently.
  15. Sure would like to see Swink's 62 yard td ramble against Texas in Frog's romp in 1955.
    It has been called one of the greatest in college football history--the one where it seemed all ' Horns had a shot at him, but missed.
    I have tried to find it without any luck, so would appreciate any help. Anyway, thanks again y.i.t. for your great work.
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  16. more TCU footage

    1935 TCU/Sammy Baugh

    1936 Sugar Bowl TCU def.LSU


    1937 Ohio State def. TCU


    1937 Fordham def. TCU


    1937 Cotton Bowl: TCU def. Marquette

    1938 All-Americans: Davey O'Brien & Ki Aldrich


    1942 Orange Bowl: Georgia def. TCU


    1945 Cotton Bowl: Oklahoma State def. TCU

    1948 Texas def. TCU


    1951 USC def. TCU


    1951 All-Americans: Ray McKown


    1954 TCU def. USC


    1955 TCU def. Alabama


    1955 All-SWC Team

    1956 Cotton Bowl:Ole Miss def. TCU

    1957 Cotton Bowl: TCU def. Syracuse

    1959 Cotton Bowl: TCU ties Air Force

    1959 TCU def. Texas


    1961 TCU ties Ohio State


    1963 TCU def. Kansas


    1964 TCU def. SMU

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  17. I have a video tape of TCU vs. Carnegie Tech in the 1938 Sugar Bowl. Bought it on eBay years ago.
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    Go Frogs!

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