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A Post-Season question: How many Seniors come back?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Limp Lizard, Nov 25, 2020.

  1. Since the NCAA has declared that this season will not count for eligibility, how many Seniors, who normally would lose their eligibility, will be back next year? Would not surprise me in the least to see Ehlinger and Buchelle back...another year to try to be draftable, plus (esp for Ehlinger) another year to get their team in the playoffs (next year is when Texas is really back, right?.:rolleyes:). I have a funny feeling it will have to do with potential success next year as well as needing another year to improve and impress the NFL.

    For the Frogs, will players like Meyers leave? And on defense Bethley, Workman, Moerig and Wallow. The last two are legitimate pro prospects, but... And please, no speculation of good players just bailing and transferring. Seniors only, please, meaning quit college ball .

    Then how many sure Senior 1st rounders will return? It happens: Mack was always getting a first rounder Jr. to stay for another mediocre season.
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  2. I don't know that it will really be the players decision in many cases. Of course QBs on the bubble will probably be asked back but I could see many players scholarships simply not being renewed unless they are a tweener for the league. At TCU I could see GP bringing all of them back if they want to. I don't think Moehrig will stay because he has such a high grade for the draft already but the others will probably be back if they want to be. I would bet that a few of those guys just decide to move on after graduation. College football is hard.
  3. It will be interesting. Young guys get tired of sitting the bench, and sitting another year will make for some unhappy players. I think in cases like Ehlinger and Buechele, the coaches might prefer to just turn the page and get the next guy going. I'm sure a lot will depend on roster depth at certain positions as to what the coach pushes for.

    I'd say Moerig is gone for sure, but I think there is enough depth at that position it won't matter much. It'd be nice if Bethley stays around. Not worried about any other senior, whether they stay or go, we can plug new guys in.
  4. trevon is a junior so his choice is actually whether he leaves early

    not sure if any of the frogs are first round picks this year
  5. OOPS! You're right. Guess since everybody is assuming Moerig goes to the NFL after this season, I thought "Senior".
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  6. Been speculated elsewhere Bethley will be back but Wallow is probably gone...although he could use another year since his stock kinda dropped this season.

    I'm more excited about the fact that this year won't count toward eligibility...so guys that never redshirted like D Davis, D Winters and our two soph corners (and maybe Max) could potentially be around for 5 years instead of 4.
  7. We pushed out enough WR this year that most seniors can come back for another year
  8. In regards to TCU, I expect TMW to be gone, Wallow gone, Bethley stays. Are there any others of importance?

    I'll be super annoyed if Ehlinger and Buechelle play their 6th year of football or however long they've been around.

    If anything is certain, it's this - other teams will have critical guys come back surprisingly for another year, and TCU will lose everyone expected and probably a surprise.
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  9. I agree with this (+ a handful of additional underclassman that transfer out due to lack of PT).
  10. Was wondering about Spielman...
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  11. I'd happily take Storment back. The key to the question isn't who wants to come back as much as who the staff will allow to come back. While they all technically get another year of eligibility we don't actually have to give them a scholarship for it.
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  12. I’m curious and I admit I do not know, does that mean that graduate transfers could also play one more year like Mike Collins down at Rice?

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