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A&M Pool Party/OU Champ U BBQ

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. This past weekend both A&M and OU had huge annual recruiting events where they invite all their commits and top 2020 targets for big parties...I am curious if TCU does anything similar. Supposedly OU has been doing the “ChampU BBQ” thing for a number of years and A&M started the Pool Party thing when Jimbo came on..

    Frogs doing anything like that?
  2. No clue. What do you think Baylor does? Yacht party on the Brazos?
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  3. bobbing for [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]s?
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  4. I know baseball does.
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  5. So are the recruits required to pay their own way to that party?
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  6. Now that Jeffrie Epstein isn’t available to organize their event, they held it at some guy’s place in in Mt Vernon.
  7. Gary has the recruits over to his house, which has a pool, and from which Amon G. Carter stadium can be seen.

    I think we're good.
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  8. In addition to the freshman pool party?
  9. Yeah, I've only heard of The Freshman pool party. Didn't know we did this with recruits.
  10. Well, Freshmen are recruits, no?
  11. They get out the team Water Wiggle.
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  12. Not even 10 a.m KF.c time and you already win KF.c for the day.
  13. No. Freshmen are college students that are already enrolled in school.

    Recruits are high school students that have yet to sign a letter of intent.

    Pretty simple concept to understand.
  14. Looks like TX has a recruiting party they call “Heatwave”...How the hell are we not on the Summer recruiting party train..
  15. No
  16. careful or you will hear about how well we have recruited for a school our size and that frogs can't be expected to recruit head to head with ou, texas, and atm.

    funny thing is we compete directly with two of those schools, but i guess it is a lost cause.
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  17. Is Heatwave an Autobot or a Decepticon?
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  18. Baylor had a BBQ this weekend as well
  19. The Maniac steps in with a steel-worthy response!
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  20. When I want your input, I'll give it to you maniac. So shut up and go finish baking your penis cookies while you complain about the west side lower level.

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