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A&M and Alabama

4 Oaks Frog

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NIL wild west. Anything goes in the Wild West until there are not only rules, but enforcement of those rules. aggie and other biggies just did what the toughest outlaw could get away with. Now with damage done, everyone else comes under the thumb of the lawman.
Spit Blood ~~<~<and fornicate baylor!!

Palliative Care

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Bless The SEC, please do go after each other. It is so dull but now we have this. Grab your popcorn folks. I really would like to see these guys take off their nice/nice gloves and go full kick boxing.


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You're right, but where Saban is wrong is in saying that his team, Alabama, has not and never will buy any recruits. Wonder what his definition of "buy" is.
I take that statement as every bit as true as that time he said he was not going to be the Alabama coach, period.


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The Mouse has 'way too much money invested in the $EC to allow it to wander too far from the script. Things'll be worked out... Conference members may not sleep in the same bed but they'll sure-nuff feast with their feet under the same table.