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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by PhillyFrog, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. The whole offense has been awful, starting with the O-line and working through the receivers. QB is an important facet, certainly, but Duggan showed a lot of spark and heart.
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  2. In his last year at TCU, Kenny Hill was a stud. He led us to an 11 win season. And yes he might be a better coach/recruiter already.
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  3. If he hasn’t earned fans’ respect by now for all that he’s done for our program, I don’t know what to say.
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. With LVH ? Haven't figured it out yet
  6. Serious question, how do we see Marcel Brooks being used in our defense (other than extremely useful), there was some talk of moving players around and maybe even to offense. Anybody got a thought?
  7. Likely LB. But guessing we will see him rush the passer a lot. Given the bizarre stuff GP likes to sometimes do on defense, wouldn't shock me to see him line up at DE occasionally and drop into coverage. Or be the SS. Some of it probably depends on how effective teh rest of the defense is.... fortunately he should help our DE/pass rush situation regardless of his official position
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  8. I can see him putting people on the ground from the safety position just like we saw Innis Gaines doing on a blitz during his sophomore and junior years.
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  9. Gaines nickname was "thump"...for a good reason.
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  10. I've said this before, but I have a suspicion that Gary dreams of fielding a defense with one NT and 10 safeties.

    Call it the Angry Bird defense.
  11. I like to say Hill "became" solid. I watched a lot of 2016 over again in order to breakdown Meacham (wanted to see his offense without Boykin/Doctson propping it up) and it was clear our overall talent was down a bit in 2016. KH didn't have anywhere near the arm talent that Boykin did and his only real weapon was Kyle Hicks. I think his junior to senior year improvement had a lot to do with being asked to do less by SC and us growing up some of our young talent.

    Just like we progressed from 2016 to 2017, I think we could also see a similar progression 2019 to 2020. Maybe not 11 wins but 8-9 seems very realistic.
  12. And if its a 9 game season I'll take it.
  13. Hill was a decent college QB. He was easily the best option we had in his time at TCU. I'm not sure why the guy is such a lightning rod, any time a starting D1 college QB plays poorly, which he did at times, he's going to get some grief from the fan base. For some reason, that was unacceptable to some people with KH.

    I have no idea if he is a good coach or not (or recruiter for that matter). The QB play since he starting helping the coaching staff with the QBs has been pretty poor, but maybe that has more to do with other people than with him.
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  14. FWIW I believe KH was one of the advocates for Duggan being the sole starter in 2019.

    But agreed, I really don't know much of his influence at this point. I'd be curious if anyone can provide more insight. One thing I know for sure is that KH is going to be able to relate on a number of issues... went from his insane start at A&M to leaving that program, to being Boykin's replacement and getting destroyed by the fan base in 2016 to having a really good senior season in 2017. The dude had to follow Manziel and then Boykin.... tough act.
  15. There are some that still don’t respect him. It’s hilarious
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  16. If that’s the case, then we need to get Arkansas on the schedule.
  17. why arkansas?
  18. Come on man

    what do angry birds kill?

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  19. no scheissing clue as i proudly can say i have never played nor have any interest in angry birds
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