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30 best teams in college football history; guess where '38 frogs are ranked

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by 2314, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. Can you give the breakdown. I hate clicking next, next, next...those types of articles are the worst.
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  2. 2314 = Clickbait Boy (or backdoor man)

    Your thread title would lead us to believe you're here to laud our '38 Frogs.......but no.......your whole point was to criticize Texas.
    You always seem to somehow manage to work UT into your threads and/or responses.
    I kind of think you're a closet UT boy
  3. upload_2019-9-18_18-13-50.jpeg

    TCU’s second National Championship team featured one of college football’s greatest players ever in quarterback Davey O’Brien. He’s still the only Horned Frog to win the Heisman Trophy. TCU finished 11-0 and allowed double-digit points only once during that campaign — a 21-14 victory over Arkansas.
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  4. Very jerky response. OK Mr. Dirk, the reason I did that was to promote discussion. No one began so I did. You seem to be riled up that I dissed UT so I think everyone reading this will assume YOU are the closet UT boy. You're an [ Arschloch].
  5. We're #26.
  6. Sam Baugh's 1935 NC team actually played the '38 Frogs every week that year-- they were all freshmen in '35.
    Sam remarked that scrimmaging that damn bunch was some of the toughest football he ever played in.
    Those scrimmages included 5 players who would become first team All-Americans :
    Baugh, Darrell Lester, Davey O'Brien, Ki Aldrich I.B.Hale and several all-conference members to boot.
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  7. I don't believe this was a quote by Sammy Baugh. Not NEARLY enough curse words.

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  8. The crowd shot is embarrassing. That shot was likely taken in the fourth quarter...or it was an 11:00 start...or it was against a Div IAA team...or it was 102 in the shade...or everyone was at their kid's soccer games...or they were at the concession stand buying beer...or it was Thanksgiving week and the students had all gone home...or no one was using their plus 4 tickets. Whatever it was, unacceptable!
  9. Or it was at SMU.
  10. It should read:

    1) ‘01 Hurricanes
    1a) ‘95 Huskers
  11. White unis....must have been an away game
  12. So these lists are always opinion. And while I can agree that every team on this list is a great team, and most are historic, if you are going to go as far back at 1924, then why not go back and take in the 1899 Sewanee team? Sure, football was different. Well, it is different to significant amounts every ten years or so. That Sewanee team not only had 5 shutouts by their defense in 6 games on that their famed train tour, they also brought the advent of travel and marketing to a new level in the game.
    Sure, the sport was amazingly brutal back then, but heck, it's football.
  13. You are right, but I cleaned it up a bit. However, Sam was sure that the Davey team would do great things.
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