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247 Sports: TCU lands Memphis transfer defensive back TJ Carter

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jan 19, 2021.

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    TCU lands Memphis transfer defensive back TJ Carter


    TCU added another transfer on Monday night with Memphis defensive back T.J. Carter announcing his transfer to TCU. Carter released the news via his Twitter account.

    “Excited to announce that I will be taking my talents to Fort Worth Texas,” Carter said in the tweet.

    Carter was a four-year starter for the Tigers and had 187 tackles, seven interceptions and four fumble recoveries at Memphis. Carter will likely end up playing safety for the Frogs to provide depth at the position. He could also play cornerback as well. The Frogs have to replace Trevone Moehrig and Ar’Darius Washington, who both declared for the NFL Draft earlier this month.

    Read more at https://247sports.com/college/tcu/A...-transfer-defensive-back-TJ-Carter-159533839/
  2. Wow. This was needed. Four-year starter and can play CB and safety. "Plug and play." Nice.
  3. What makes you think “plug and play” in GP’s system?
  4. I thought players just went to Memphis, not leave? I am confused.
  5. Pretty sure he means "as this kid was a 4-year starter his experience leads to a higher chance of being a 'plug-and-play' player compared to a 1st year freshman"
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  6. GP took him for starters.

    But seriously...he's an experienced guy who has had a bunch of success. Plus, as long as he can beat out some less experienced guys...learning the defense shouldn't be too hard for him.

    GPs defense isn't that complicated...its the manner in which he coaches/teaches it is where some players run into issues. But an older guy should be past all that and with a full spring and summer, be more than ready to roll come fall.
  7. If a 5th year guy who was a 4-year starter can't do it then it really isn't possible.
  8. This is a good pick up. He could start at multiple positions and at the very least he provides good bench strength. Good job getting him.
  9. I figure with TWO Memphis guys we're probably a Top 5 team now
  10. Carter in The Carter...Has a good ring to it.
    Welcome Son!
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and fornicate baylor!!
  11. We didn't have to replace but a few players for this next season. Getting a couple of guys with major experience is a huge plus. Still think 2021 will be a very good year.
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  12. If true (and willing to grant this despite evidence to the contrary), what a massive indictment of GP.
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  13. Seems like the transfer portal continues the talent drain from minor conference teams and is a convenient way to:
    1. Get rid of under-performing players
    2. Cherry pick talent from the Group of Five

    So the portal will deepen the talent discrepancy between major conference and minor conference teams. I can live with this (now that we are in a major conference).
  14. If the portal is showing us anything it's that G5 programs are simply becoming farm systems for P5 programs. Can't imagine how much the Portal would have sucked for us before we were in the B12. Tons of teams would have been trying to poach our guys.
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  15. Indictment?? The best coaches are the ones that keep the game plan simple yet call it in a way that is easy to learn and execute. I'm obviously not an Art Briles fan but he literally didn't have a playbook his offense was so simple yet extremely effective...it was just a couple plays and formations that they would call depending on the defense/situation.

    I'm sure you noticed GP's call sheet...its about the size of a baseball card or maybe smaller. It's not a lot of calls. But what GP wants his players to do is KNOW the opponents routes and tendencies with tons of film. Thats where GP separates himself...he gets his players in the right position based upon tendencies after hours of film....and a natural feel for the other team's offense.
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  16. Perhaps I misunderstood your contention that it’s a simple defense but the way in which it’s taught/coached creates an issue for players. I know of no other way to interpret that other than it’s a simple defense made complex by coaching.

    As for what GP expects from his players...if that were true we should have no concerns about sign stealing and wouldn’t be signaling in alignments and schemes .2 seconds before the snap because the players on the field would already be anticipating the play.
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  17. no, the best teachers are those who vary the deliver or information based upon the learning style of their students.

    there is a reason some programs do testing to identify the learning style of their incoming recruits.
  18. Delivering the info and them actually putting in the time to digest/learn it are two different things though. We have no idea how GP delivers the info but it must work pretty well based on 20+ years of results.
  19. agree in terms of the ultimate results and some positions on the defense have been fairly consistent in players fairly new to the system to make an impact such as corner or defensive end

    there have been other positions where that seems to take longer. linebacker and safety for example and the most common breakdown on the defensive side is communication on certain routes between corners/safeties, safeties/linebackers, and among the safeties

    obviously not impossible and glad to see they are trying to address the needs. trying to recall the last first year to the program safety that mastered the scheme

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