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247 Sports: SMU AD says Mustangs were open to playing at TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. SMU AD says Mustangs were open to playing at TCU


    SMU Football reportedly made considerable efforts to save this year's rivalry matchup against cross-metroplex rival TCU, a game which sources revealed to 247Sports earlier this week was canceled week amid scheduling changes that were announced by the Big 12 Conference. According to The Dallas Morning News, SMU athletic director Rick Hart said that he spent the better portion of the last two days attempting to resuscitate the matchup, but acknowledged on Wednesday that the Battle For the Iron Skillet won't be happening this fall.

    Read more at https://247sports.com/Article/smu-f...-battle-iron-skillet-canceled-2020-149897818/
  2. Keep the COVID Infested Skillet.

    tens of SMU fans rejoice!
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  3. What is the “other non-conference game already under contract?”

    And wouldn’t SMU also be under contract? It’s been on the schedule for a 100 years.
  4. Really wanted to see this game happen to see if last year was a fluke. SMU making strides no doubt but I am betting we win this game.
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  5. So in 2021 does the game return to Dallas even though it's slated for FW (given this year's game is obviously being missed in Dallas?).
  6. Says 2021 will be in Fort Worth, which leads me to presume there was some type of agmt was made if deferring, but in FW.
  7. Makes sense. Let's assume the frogs did play SMU this season in FW. As is, next year's game is also in FW so doing the math (why is there math?) 3 games in a row would have been played in FW.
  8. Totally speculating, but my guess would be that we asked for them to conform to our new B12 mandate by making the trip to FW again this year, on the date we have to have the OOC game. They declined, we said fine, we'll punt to next year, but you forfeit your @home rights for the next game then.
  9. Supposedly a game against Tennessee Tech...
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  10. I thought you had to play a team from in state? Or is that the ACC Rules?
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  11. We are playing Sam Houston St. At least, thats what I heard
  12. Exciting.....
  13. Sam Houston is sneaky good
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  14. HMMMM?.... Covid from Tennessee Tech, or HIV from my little pony?...HMMMM?
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and fok baylor!!
  15. I can see that.
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    SMU declined initially and TCU moved on. SMU AD doing damage control.
  17. Do you know this to be true, or is this just your assumption?
  18. The visuals are not great on this one with SMU bending over backwards to make the game happen and TCU not working with them. Replacing an up and coming SMU team that beat TCU in FTW last year with Sam Houston State kinda makes Frogs look scared. Beating SMU this season was not gonna be a lay up but if Frogs had won it would be a quality win as opposed to a w over Sam Houston State.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. I would much rather see this game then the cup cakes they are trying to schedule.
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