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247 Sports: Patterson likes how TCU QB Matthew Downing is competing

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Sep 1, 2020.

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    Patterson likes how TCU QB Matthew Downing is competing


    TCU head coach Gary Patterson doesn’t know if or when starting quarterback Max Dugganwill be back this season, but he remains optimistic. The sophomore quarterback was discovered to have a heart condition during team protocol testing and has missed the past several weeks of practice.

    On Monday during a Zoom conference call with media, Patterson says he doesn’t have a timeline for when the quarterback will return, but he’s hopeful that it could be this season.

    “I can’t tell you much about (Max), but he’s possibly got a chance to return here,” he said. “We’ll see how it goes.”

    Read more at https://247sports.com/college/tcu/A...CU-QB-Matthew-Downing-is-competing-150908782/
  2. Alternate headline: we're screwed?
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  3. What I read is that Duggan is back attending meetings, Downing knows the offense and nothing needs to be taken off the table and that Brown is coming on and will get some snaps in a run first offensive formation.
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  4. Yep. We're screwed.
  5. We're doomed. We'll never make it. We'll be killed...
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  6. Just curious if anyone knows the real story with Max? Also yes Downing competing but look at the competition. It is very questionable right now. The defense looks good!
  7. I'm expecting the OL to be a lot better than expected. Last week GP said they were struggling and that as of then there were only 2 or 3 guys that were ready to play.

    Seriously, that is good news.
  8. The offense of line will be better than expected, the sophomore running backs look fantastic and our receivers are catching the ball in practice! The freshmen look great!
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  9. Let's do this!!! Leeeeeroooooy Jeeeenkins!!!!!
  10. Hopeful that is could be this season? scheiss me
  11. I think the offense last year had more to do with play calling and receivers not running good routes than QB play. So, with that, I'm optimistic with Downing as QB. There was a time we could send basically anyone out there and have reasonable success...totally different offense, but I think I see us being in more of that position this year.
  12. Agree. I think Max was good, but his accuracy was off. He also threw it about twice as hard as he needed to. This frustrated the receivers and they seemed to stop trying as hard.
    This all culminated in:
    -Deep routes that were overthrown...some because of Max and others because the receiver gave up or ran the wrong route.
    -When Max was accurate, the receivers frequently dropped them or deflected them to the defender for an interception.
    -The two groups never seemed in sync with each other.
    -With the WR group doing so poorly, it opened up options for the TE group, which hasn't seen any action in a few decades.
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  13. Who knows - maybe Downing will end up being really good. One can hope.
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  14. If the Frogs have a QB that can go roughly 16 of 25 in a game with few turnovers, then the offense will be in great shape. Have a couple of those completions in the longer range, but many to the mid range and crossing patterns.
  15. a few turnovers? so exactly how many are a few?
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  16. Downing actually looked pretty good in passing on roll outs to well covered receivers AND TE's in tapes from his Georgia action, limited and against lesser talented teams in mop up duty. I felt a lot better after seeing that.
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  17. I look forward to seeing him in action against SMU!!!!! Can't wait.
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  18. lesser is kind when you are talking about georgia plaing austin peay and umass

    he has a bit of ability and he is the guy the frogs have to ride with come next friday. think the biggest thing will make the right decisions and avoid mistakes
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  19. Good decisions, protect the football and avoid TO's. Is Downing more of a pocket passer or can he run?
  20. not the guy to ask and i am not sure if anyone who hasn't been at practice really has an idea of what type of quarterback matthew downing is at this time

    he hasn't played much the last two years. they apparently like him, but what will he do when he is the guy behind center in a game that matters?

    personally, the key next friday is the offensive line. would imagine smu is going to try to take the run game away and come after downing.

    the frogs simply can't get made one dimensional in the run game or their passing game which is a fear

    frogs have shown a tendency to get the ball out of the quarterback's hands against pressure. they will need to attack when they can in the pass game and control the line of scrimmage in the run game

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