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247 Sports: Patterson explains why TCU RB Zach Evans didn't play Saturday

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. Patterson explains why TCU RB Zach Evans didn't play Saturday


    When Zach Evans signed with TCU over the summer, Frog fans could barely contain their excitement from landing the five-star running back.

    As the No. 16 overall player in the nation according to the 247Sports composite rankings, he also happened to be the highest-rated player to ever sign with the Frogs during the Gary Patterson era. At one point during his recruitment, Evans was ranked as the No. 1 overall player in the nation by 247Sports.com. He rushed for over 5,000 career yards with 76 touchdowns.

    Just as quiet as Evans’ arrival in getting to TCU was, it’s been surpassed by the very information we’ve heard about the star player out of Galena Park North Shore.

    Then Saturday happened.

    Read more at https://247sports.com/college/tcu/A...s-Zach-Evans-didnt-play-Iowa-State-152178527/
  2. Who else is chomping at the bit to see Evans in action?
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  3. not if it is only 3-4 carries.

    the distribution of carries at the running back position was ridiculous and adding one more only makes it more confusing if they insist on the rotation
  4. How much does he weight? Patterson is right about not doing all the things yet. If they are designated run plays we'll see him. If he needed to be there for pass protection, which most likely the RBs will with this OL, then Evans won't be in much.
  5. how many pass plays did the frogs keep the back in and how many did they motion the back out wide?

    seriously, the frogs problem in pass pro weren't a back failing to chip someone or going the wrong direction.
  6. Granted the last couple of years have been frustrating to an admittedly optimistic fan base as we Frog fans are, but I think the constant questioning of Patterson usually leads no where. We may agree to disagree on this but I will take Patterson and any of his flaws any day over what might have been or could be down the road. He has made us who we are period, in my opinion. If someone doesn't play, there usually is a good reason. Look on the bright side, no wild frog resulting in a loss of yardage or a turnover, we can build on that.
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  7. so what you are saying if i read this correctly if that you will stick with gary, ride or die, regardless of what the program could become based upon what he HAS done in the past?
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  8. Bingo
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  9. Gotta think there is no way at all they try to give carries to 5 different backs in a game right? I mean I know I'm inserting a degree of common sense here that seemingly doesn't exist all the time in the offensive decision making but that just can't be done unless you're planning to run it 60 times.

    Of course I would've said that they wouldn't try to get 4 backs involved in a single game either but that hist happened. I know they want to get everyone involved but at some point you have to pick your top 2-3 guys and give them the carries. RB's need to get into a rhythm and that's not possible with the way the rotation went last week.
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  10. I would say top 2 in this offense. It's not like we're going to run the ball 50 times in a game and two guys should easily to be able to handle 10-15 carries each.
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  11. Strongly disagree with this. Plenty of programs, including one a little south of us, have proven that life can go on, and go on pretty well, after changes are made. GP is going to have a longer leash than most, but he needs to start doing better or the leash needs to start getting a little tight.
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  12. we each are entitled to our opinions and i understand a fear of the future, but don't understand how living in the past will do anything for this program other than set us up to slide back in that direction

    head football coach at a university is not the same as a supreme court appointment in my mind
  13. almost as crazy as someone trying to effectively rotate 10-12 players at receiver
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  14. My personal preference is for their to be a top ONE getting almost all of the carries and getting an occasional breather from the #2. But I'm willing to extend some degree of wriggle room on that since I'm not the one at practice to see what these guys look like.

    Almost impossible to justify anything beyond 3 unless there are injuries.
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  15. True. The only thing I'd say there is that, other than Reagor, we haven't had a guy in the last 4-5 years who has earned the right to be on the field all the time. While I'd prefer to see that rotation tightened up it's not as if we can point to 4 guys in any given year and say those guys have clearly separated themselves to earn all of the playing time.

    Only exceptions I think would be Turpin and Barber but those two have had injuries (and other things) keeping them off the field.

    The RB group, on the other hand, has way too much talent to waste it with 3 carries going to everyone.
  16. Not so much a fear of the future, but I feel that GP is still our guy and a bit of a lull isn't changing my mind. I completely understand those that disagree though.
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  17. agree, but i don't think it is only a matter of a player deserving all the snaps

    when baylor was in the heyday of the briles hunh they would throw a large number of receivers in the rotation as much to wear out the secondaries they faced as anything else.

    the frogs aren't running that tempo so what is actually achieved by running a large number of receivers on the field?

    you mentioned turpin and i think the perfect example i would like see how the receivers are going to be used is the wheel route tcu ran against texas where he was isolated against the bigger texas defender which was a mismatch

    i would like to see receivers rotated in positions and plays called to create mismatches and take advantage of certain physical traits or abilities

    i have no idea why quention johnson didn't get more targets as he showed a size - speed combination that few on the roster have, if they want to use stephens in the slot you have to put him in situations where he can use that size and those are the things we haven't consistently seen
  18. Many of you have better insight into the team than do I, so do you expect to see some significant changes (other than Duggan) in personnel based upon what we have seen and heard? I get the impression that we may be still feeling our way but in a shortened, conference only season, there isn't much time for that.
  19. think this is a very real possibility as well as the lack of a full spring

    the one thing that shouldn't take long to identify is if you have a player who truly has skills / abilities different from other players on your roster

    quentin is an example as the frogs just don't have many receivers who are that size and run that well.

    he appears to have the size to take advantage of smaller corners and the speed to out run slower, bigger corners

    would seem it comes down to a mindset of do you emphasize putting players in your system or does your system emphasize what your players can do over the system?
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