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247 Sports: Joel Klatt rips officiating in TCU-Texas game

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Oct 6, 2020.

  1. Because it wouldn't be our ball at that point.

    If the officials had reviewed the play and put a second or two back on the clock, Herman would have been left with two options: Accept the holding penalty, which would have been half the distance to the goal and TCU ball on 4th Down with :02 left, or decline the penalty, in which case safety would count, and TCU would have to free kick with :02 left.

    However, since officials had ruled the clock had expired, the free kick wasn't an option because the safety ended the game. The Big 12 clarified that Texas should have had the option to accept the penalty and force TCU to take a snap for 1 untimed down, and we would have just taken a knee or whatever, but it would have been more of a chance than accepting the safety and the game being over.
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  2. Klatt's greater point about the officiating is true though. They were being incredibly tickey-tack and it destroyed any flow of the game. Ridiculous enforcement of offsides on the opening kickoff (twice) set the tone. Then it took them 4 minutes to remember that you can't have PI and Targeting enforced on the same play, and finally they didn't know what happened on the last play even though that's well established, so on and so on. It was brutal, and the major reason the dang game took over 4 hours to complete.
  3. I commented to a friend in the 2nd qtr the game was going to take 5 hours to play.
  4. The officiating was bad, and I do think we got away with one at the end.

    We should have had to kick/punt from the 20 with one second on the clock, after the safety. Smart thing would be to punt out of bounds, leaving UT with one play from somewhere near the 50.

    And with the way our defense was playing, I can't say for certain that we would have won.
  5. Strange that Klatt doesn't seem to know that, isn't it?
  6. Officiating quality aside, I do find it quite rich how many UT fans I know that are blaming their loss on the refs. Oh the irony.
  7. If you are not able to beat the other team maybe the refs will do it for you.
  8. Reminds me of the 2009 Big12 Championship game where the officials found an extra second to allow Texas to kick a field goal to beat Nebraska. It quite possibly kept us out of the BCS Championship.
  9. I don't think a penalty on a scoring play (non-PAT) can even carry over to a kickoff. 0 seconds on the clock = game over.
  10. He even features his own theme music. It's an all-time ear worm, not unpleasant.
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  11. Yep. He doesn't gobble secsecsec [ the old ricardo ] like everyone on ESecPN, and, as a side benefit, he trolls aggy constantly. He also has a catchy theme song. Just two words. Easy to learn and sing along with.
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  12. Texas is back ...

    ... to being our [ hundin].
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  13. Dave South.

    I rest my case.
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  14. I'd say that for several SEC schools. But the Georgia broadcasts are almost too good to miss. They broke to their sideline guy just before kick off for the Deep South and he was amped up to get a win against the "kitty cats". As someone who follows Auburn, I actually thought it was great. I love how those announcer get into it over there. I catch various coaches shows around the south and Georgia always has Georgia's Own Credit Union called out as a sponsor. I'm still waiting to hear them change the tagline for it for the cocktail party " ... it's your credit, own it" to "it's your credit, unless you're from Florida."

    edit: of course, the changed tagline would work even better if they had Barbara Dooley do it.

    (we heard her at a lunch in Georgia once. she is one of the greats.)
  15. In Texas, nobody was worse than Frank Fallon.
  16. Well, considering who he was calling...

    I must say, I don't think I've ever laughed harder at a college football broadcast than listening to Dave South calling the A&M-Baylor game with RGIII laying like 60 points on them. In College Station. I was putting out hay in the tractor and had the game on the radio, laughing so hard I was practically crying. My poor wife thought I was dying or something...
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  17. I greatly miss the hilarity of Dave South broadcasts- he brought the Aggie rollercoaster of disaster to life on the airwaves!
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  18. Can a free kick be kicked out of bounds without a penalty?
  19. I think a penalty is assessed if a free kick goes OOB or if the kicking team is the last to touch the ball prior to the ball going OOB before it reaches the goal line.

    EDIT: I think the penalty could be taking the ball at the OOB spot or 25 yards from where the kick occurred. Might be 30 yards for a post-safety free kick though.
  20. Not sure if there is a distinction between kick and punt... But even with a penalty they'd be a long way from six.

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