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247 Sports: Joel Klatt rips officiating in TCU-Texas game

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Oct 6, 2020.

  1. Joel Klatt rips officiating in TCU-Texas game

    Jamie Plunkett

    Texas fans will say the game was stolen from them. TCU fans will say they’re 7-2 against Texas since joining the Big 12.

    “Twenty-seven penalties? That’s insane,” Klatt said. “It was certainly one of the most poorly-officiated games that I’ve ever seen. Certainly at the end, there’s going to be a lot of controversy with what happened. TCU intentionally held Texas in order to get those six seconds off the clock but Duggan certainly stepped out of the back of the end zone before the clock hit zero. Then there’s a penalty on TCU. Doesn’t feel like that should be the end of the game if Tom Herman could have declined the penalty and reviewed how much time was left on the clock, they would at least have some opportunity for a return. Not that they would have won the game, but it certainly didn’t end in a very Kosher fashion.”

    TCU and Texas was a penalty filled mess, but it wasn’t on the Cheez-It Bowl level | Fort Worth Star Telegram

    The Cheez-It Bowl was a glorious disaster. TCU-Texas was just your basic officiating tire fire.
  2. Who in the name of Jelly Beans is Joel Klatt?
  3. Uh, if they put a second back on the clock, wouldn't we just take a safety again? Or take a knee when the clock hit zero?
  4. A very well-known sports personality and the guy who announced the TCU/UT game for Fox. He’s always come off as reasonable to me and especially fair to the Big 12.
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  5. I love Joel Klatt. He doesn’t buy into the SEC hype machine and acknowledges they do play football in places other than the South.
  6. If a second was put back on the clock, there would have been no return. Duggan just does the same thing without a holding penalty. I was glad to see a winning end of game strategy. I remember the Arkansas game where Hill could have gone down at the 1 instead of scoring. We would have run out the clock and Arkansas would not have won.
  7. Probably the best college football analyst in the country.
  8. I was admittingly very confused and frustrated during the whole process. Then I took a breath and realized that was the perfect thing to do in that situation. GP may have had a bunch of people in his ear during those final minutes but I am going to give him credit and say years and years of coaching experience led him to taking that safety. He seemed to be organizing the whole offense and talking to Max on exactly what to do.
  9. If there's a second put back on the clock and UT declines the penalty then the safety still happens and we have to kick to them with 1 second left. A least that's how I see it.
  10. Shouldn’t a Mensa member have figured this all out?

    Or maybe he did and knew he was screwed regardless...
  11. Why would they kick it? Just let the second run off and take a knee.
  12. If they decline the penalty it would be a kickoff after the safety.
  13. Or as someone else said just snap it directly out of the end zone. It was a meaningless ending in that it did not impact the outcome, only the margin which apparently affected some gamblers. Maybe that is why Klatt is having vaginal inflammation over it.
  14. Again, if the ruling had been that Max stepped out with 1 second left then UT can decline the penalty and we have to kick off to them.
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  15. Right. That was me who made the “direct snap out of the back of the endzone” comment, but that was in the scenario where UT accepted the penalty, the 1 second was not added back on and we had to replay 4th down with an untimed down.
  16. Glad that the officiating mayhem occurred at Memorial Stadium rather than the Carter.

    Horn fans are desperate to find any type of scapegoat to justify their bungled exhibition.
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  17. Yeah but that wasn't the ruling.
  18. If you’ve had the experience of listening to a SEC radio broadcast like Georgia Bulldog Football Radio. You’ll then truly know what biased commentary sounds like.
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  19. It should have been. It was blatantly obvious.
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