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247 Sports: High Number Of Injuries Unlike Any Season Patterson Has Seen

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. 247 Sports: High Number Of Injuries Unlike Any Season Patterson Has Seen


    To say TCU has had its fair share of injuries this season would be an understatement. Head coach Gary Patterson hasn’t seen anything like it in all of his years of coaching.

    There have been years in the past where TCU has had serious injuries that forced younger players to see the field earlier than expected; but nothing quite like this. Patterson isn’t one to make excuses, and he didn’t on Tuesday at his weekly media presser, but the injuries have been nothing short of monumental.

    Yet, the Frogs have somehow managed a 4-5 season with their latest win coming against Kansas State. The win Patterson said was a statement of how much this team is growing.

    Read more at https://247sports.com/college/tcu/A...ys-injuries-are-the-worst-hes-seen-124349312/
  2. Is this the first season after the renovated practice fields that were supposedly going to help decrease injuries as well as drain better?
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  3. In before Wex tells us he’s seen more injuries and GP making excuses.
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  4. In before someone calls for the S&C staff to be sentenced to death and tries to use “sprinkler head” in a non-clever attempt at humor.
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  5. I just hope all our injured players recover fully from their injuries. God bless.
  6. Because I feel like I’ve read some version of this article a majority of the last 7 years, my questions would be:

    1. Does this happen everywhere but the elite teams have the depth to overcome it? If so, obviously you can’t snap your fingers and have depth but it seems when the primary factor in a successful season is the randomness of the injury bug, depth would be much more of a concern.

    2. That being the case, if “THIS” doesn’t happen everywhere, to this degree, what’s up with the S&C program? This would (conservatively) be the 3rd or 4th season since we joined the Big12 derailed in some way by injuries.
  7. Well, gee whiz! When I look at a roster that is all limping around on crutches, and has been the last three years with this being far and away the worst, one probably ought to look at what the hell is going on with strength and conditioning. We may have been strong, but our condition is broken.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. "Conditioning refers to stamina." O.K. Fine. But there is a direct correlation between training hard in the weight room and ligament-tendon issues. Muscles develop faster than sinews.

    We are doing something different than everybody else, because after looking around a little it certainly looks as if we are the only program with about a 50% injury rate.
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  8. I think it is the cryo chamber
  9. I wonder if they've practiced indoors more this season due to the rain?

    Also, could the training staff be acting more cautious due to recent litigation?

  11. Many seasoned" fans are asking the exact question! Doesn't make sense! Prepare them for the season but condition them so they don't make it through the season. Xplain that??
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    Injuries hurt, but...
    • it wasn’t injuries (or the defense) that caused us to dial back the aggressive play calling vs. OSU when we had them on the ropes...
    • it wasn’t injuries (or the defense) that caused us to throw a last minute interception against tech in the final two minutes of the game that would have likely led to a tie or win.
    • it wasn’t injuries (or the defense) that gifted UT FOUR turnovers, allowing them to coast to a victory...
    • it wasn’t injuries (or the the defense) that caused us to fumble on the 10 yard line in the final minute against Kansas in what would have undoubtedly won us the game.
    Offensive execution, end to end, has been the main problem (culprit).

    Better play calling/decisions and fewer offensive mistakes (i.e. turnovers), and we’re sitting at 7-2 right now - at worst.

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