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247 Sports: Gary Patterson 'controlling what I can control' for 2020 season

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  1. Gary Patterson 'controlling what I can control' for 2020 season

    By Riley Gates

    Gary Patterson and TCU football might go from opening up the 2020 football season a rather quiet game against the California Golden Bears, to opening up the season against perhaps the biggest name in the game. Reports surfaced last week that Alabama was eyeing playing the Horned Frogs in week one of the college football season if USC (and also California) is unable to play on September 5 because of recent restrictions announced for California schools.

    It’s a move that would not only rattle the sports world, but would also change a lot about how Patterson and the Horned Frogs prepare to start the 2020 season. They would go from preparing to play a Golden Bears team that went 4-5 in the Pac-12 last year, to facing perhaps the greatest college football coach ever.

    As the days go on, it seems like the future of college football in 2020 continues to change. So until everything is set in stone, Patterson is doing all he can to be ready.

    Read more at https://247sports.com/Article/TCU-f...what-I-can-control-for-2020-season-147282263/
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