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247 Sports: Ex-first rounder Josh Doctson opts out of 2020 NFL season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. Ex-first rounder Josh Doctson opts out of 2020 NFL season

    By Steven Taranto

    As of 4 PM Eastern Time on Thursday afternoon, the question of who was in and who was out of the 2020 NFL season has been settled. And among those who will sit this season out is a former first round draft pick who had been looking to resuscitate his career.

    On Thursday, the New York Jets announced that wide receiver Josh Doctson has opted out of the 2020 NFL season, and subsequently been placed on the team's Reserve/Opt Out List. Doctson was one of three Jets to opt out of the coming season, joining linebacker C.J. Mosley and offensive lineman Leo Koloamatangi.

    Read more at https://247sports.com/Article/NFL-o...son-New-York-Jets-TCU-Horned-Frogs-149949897/
  2. A year for his body to heal more. A year to find a better fit.
  3. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was his last chance.
  4. Read he is going to help out with underprivileged youth in Africa. Good for him. He is a good human but this is a bad career move. When he went to Washington I started following them. Many mentioned on TV that Football was not that important to him and his calling was elsewhere. Nothing wrong with it but to live up to expectations on the field you have to be all in and he obviously wasn’t.
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  5. I’ve always found that you can do much more for the world with an extra $5-10M in your pocket and a ton of high profile contacts to tap for more $.
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  6. Steel didn’t realize doctson is a fat guy...
  7. Are rookie contracts guaranteed?

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