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247 Sports: Andy Dalton returns to Bengals starting QB role over Ryan Finley

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Andy Dalton returns to Bengals starting QB role over Ryan Finley

    By Garrett Stepien

    After three weeks with Ryan Finley as the starter, the Bengals are set to give Andy Dalton another run.

    First-year head coach Zac Taylor announced Monday that the ninth-year veteran would start Sunday for the Bengals' Week 13 game against the Jets at 1 p.m. ET from Paul Brown Stadium.

    The Bengals (0-11) host the Jets (4-7) in search of their first win on the 2019 regular season, after they previously benched Dalton for the rookie Oct. 29.

    Read more at https://247sports.com/Article/Andy-...TCU-Horned-Frogs-NC-State-Wolfpack-139231189/
  2. So maybe it wasn't the QB. Really hope AD is released and gets a chance to play a few years with a good team.
  3. What I took from this article is that Dalton wanted a trade and the Bengals did not let him. But Dalton was a man about it and didn't complain. He was a professional not a primadonna. Bengals will draft Burrows and hopefully allow Dalton to find a good place where he can be a starting quarterback. Dalton is a great representative of a TCU player.
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  4. Green, Eiffert, Tate all still hurt. Terrible situation in Cincy. Hope Andy can extend his career elsewhere. I don't see why not, assuming he has the desire.
  5. I don't think the Bengals ever thought it was the QB. They shut Andy down so he didn't get hurt and they can get something for the trade, and meanwhile they can lock up what they thought was going to be their Tua pick. Now that they have the #1 draft pick pretty much locked up (though maybe not Tua anymore), they're going to play him against two winnable opponents so he can further improve that stock. Pretty sure this was always the plan.
  6. So glad that benching AD did not work out for them
  7. Good thing they caught Andy before he entered the transfer portal.
  8. Yeah. If I'm the Bengals I trade the #1 pick
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  9. Is everyone that sure that Tua is so great? Even when healthy?

    Seems like some guys become media darlings and perceptions are formed that are pretty hard to break.
  10. That's why I would drop the #1 pick. His health issues are a great excuse to not draft him (I think he's a top 15 talent, but not #1). And I haven't bought into Burrows completely. Draft Young with the #1 pick (if you can't trade to #2). Trade away most of your good players in the offseason, tank again in 2020, draft Lawrence.
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