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247 Sports: 2019 four-star signee Dylan Jordan not enrolling at TCU

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jun 11, 2019.

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    247 Sports: 2019 four-star signee Dylan Jordan not enrolling at TCU

    By Jeremy Clark

    TCU's 2019 recruiting class took a hit on Monday as former four-star linebacker Dylan Jordan tweeted that he will not be enrolling at TCU. Jordan instead will head to Fort Scott Community College in Kansas.

    "After a lot of unforeseen circumstances, I will no longer 100% be attending TCU. But I am happy to remain committed to TCU! After discussion, prayer, and thought with my family I've decided to attend and play for FSCC for the next couple years as well as reopen my recruitment. Never was this my plan, but it's always been God's plan. Only up from here. You will be hearing my name again...SOON. Huge thanks for all the continued support," Jordan said in his tweet.

    Read more at https://247sports.com/college/tcu/Article/Dylan-Jordan-not-enrolling-TCU-132759448/
  2. Must be an academic issue as he doesn’t know what “committed”means.
  3. It is an academic issue. I’m not sure making fun of the kid helps anything.
  4. Maybe he will be on season 5 of Last Chance U on Netflix since they've been filming in the Jayhawk Juco League. Regardless, if he gets his whatever right, then hopefully he will have 3 years of eligibility left when and if he shows up in Fort Worth.

    Dakota Allen, linebacker from Tech, went through that Juco process after being at Tech, then went to Mississippi Juco on Last Chance U, then returned to Tech and is now in the NFL.
  5. allen's situation was a bit different as he was involved with some legal issues off the field that lead to his leaving tech.

    in regards to dylan possibly having 3 years of eligibility coming out of juco i thought that only applied to players who were academically eligible coming out of high school .

    i do hope he does the work he needs to prepare for the next phase of his life and if things are meant to be he will come back to tcu.
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  6. Doesn’t seem like there’s a high probability of kids in general returning that are grade casualties. Not sure if they get upset with the committed program for not “making it happen” for them, or if the programs just wash their hands of them.

    But if he was truly interested in coming back here if/when he got his grades in order, would seem that his tweet would say something a little more focused on getting back on campus, rather than opening up his recruiting.
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  7. I think it’s a relatively safe assumption that a kid who has grade issues in HS could continue to have grade issues in college/JUCO. It’s not that most of these kids don’t end up back at TCU, it’s that most of them don’t end up at a D1 school period.
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  8. Agree one hundred percent.

    I’m just saying from his perspective, he’s probably not thinking he won’t get it done. But since he’s opened his recruitment back up immediately, whatever that means, he’s assuming he’s playing somewhere, why not assume he’s going to get the grades right and go where you originally committed.

    Just makes me think the programs(TCU, whomever), essentially cut them off. And if so, they’re justified in that action.
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  9. i am curious how much scrutiny is given to a player's high school transcript when they submit to the ncaa eligibility center.


    in regards to do the schools maintain contact i know at one time it was very common for schools to place kids at various jucos, but for whatever reason tcu has not had much luck with those kids coming back to tcu.

    frank kee was the one i recall who originally wanted to sign and returned two years later. he ended up transferring to acu and played defensive tackle.

    nick foster and ryan parker were signed out of fossil ridge, but didn't get to campus. nick went to tcju and finished at washburn university. never saw what happened with ryan after juco.

    dac shaw signed out of mineola, never made it to campus, and i never heard if he went the juco route or what happened with him.
  10. Sounds like he played for a high school program that just let him get by with poor academic habits because he was/is a good football player. Normally, a kid in that situation doesn’t look to improve academically. He is hoping he can just get by at the next level with what he got by with in high school. Bad habits are hard to break, particularly bad academic habits. If he puts in the work, and wants to be serious about being an educated person, perfect, I hope to see him back. If not, it’s his loss, not ours. I hope that is not the case.
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  11. There are a lot of reasons that can play into this. Not just grades. Some kids realize they don't want to move far from home as the date gets closer. Miles is at Kansas. Crazy as it seems, that can appeal to a player. etc.
  12. If he wanted to go to KU he would just enter THE TRANSFER PORTAL.
  13. Ryan Parker I don’t believe ever got his associates so maybe he went NAIA? I have more than a couple stories from him at TJC
  14. Crypto,
    I like the way you all caps that term. Makes it sound like a 50's horror flick. Or a lead-in to the topic on a sports radio show.
  15. Or like the stadium announcer says, " The Hypnotooooooooad." [​IMG]
  16. .....aaaaaaaaannnnndddd ?
  17. The statement in another way:

    I am happy to remain committed to my wife. After not completing a work assignment on time, I’ll be completing that assignment out of state for 2 years away from my wife. During this time, I’ll be opening up my marriage to other women. This isn’t my plan. It’s G-d’s plan.
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  18. It's dumb to compare a marriage to sports team affiliations.
  19. You're trying way too hard. Probably should just accept that he's going to JC for a couple of years and after that, he doesn't know.
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  20. Questioning his commitment doesn’t bother me. Questioning his intelligence seemed unnecessary.
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