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Even if he won, Trump couldn’t execute that kind of power. The bureaucracy is firmly entrenched by Leftists
If a Trump or Desantis won, there would be no Jeff Sessions or Bill Barr’s in the AG role. There should be unprecedented house cleaning in the DOJ / FBI. The weaponization (bastardization) of DOJ started by Holder and Lynch needs to be disinfected. Election interference by officials from either party need to be charged and face hard prison time.

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Yup and ppl too soon forget we signed this thing called the Trilateral Statement and Budapest Memorandum. I am quite sure Taiwan and Japan have been watching the U.S. commitment to Ukraine's security with a watchful eye.

Taiwan is screwed unfortunately. We simply can't stop China from taking that island. Japan has a better chance but it's going to be a bloody, bloody conflict.
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