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2022 Football Regular Season Predictions

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If this comes to pass I think we're better than an 8-4 team. I feel like the offense this year will win games we lost last year even if the defense didn't improve at all. But last year's defense gave as much effort as a woman when she's "not in the mood."

The defense this year is motivated. Even if they miss assignments and aren't perfect fits for the defense b/c it's brand new we'll automatically have moderate improvement over last year. The back 8 in this defense is loaded. It's the front 3 that we need to see before knowing how good we can be. If we have a NT who can hold his own and a DE who can get to the QB we will be conference title contenders.
I sort of feel that way too. We were 66th in scoring last year, which is terrible when you‘re 36th in yardage.
We can be so much better. Need better play calling. Maybe Chandler?
More scoring and improved defense, we could contend.


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I loved the way that the SMU Offense under Dykes pounded the [ #2020 ] out of FGP on the ground. Just demoralized the tcu defense. Which opened up their passing game and posted 2 impressive wins over FGP.

If TCU's Offensive line controls the conference like they are capable of, and whichever TCU QB can be accurate down the field - as the opposing Defenses are on their heels worried about TCU's Pounding grounding RUNNING GAME.... and the Offense controls the clock and Time of Possession keeping the Frog defense fresh


Big 12 Title game.......!!!!

If the QB's have average same old same old years......................... 7-5


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Nice bell curve we've got going on. Here's the latest. Get your predictions in before kickoff on Friday. You three on the far right need to tighten it up.


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16-0. 12-0 regular season. 3-0 playoffs. 1-0 bonus for the endless joy this season will bring.

Also, anything less is an abominable failure by this coaching staff.