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2022 Football Regular Season Predictions


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With the final out recorded in the baseball season, it's time to turn our attention to the football.

If you've been around here for a while, you know how this works, but it is always amazing how many people can screw this up. This is a REGULAR SEASON prediction, so your numbers should add to TWELVE. 6-6 works, as does 12-0, or 0-12.

As usual, a spreadsheet will be created.
You will be labeled either a homer or a troll by your fellow posters.
Winners get the glory of demonstrating their superior prognostication.

Previous results and winners:

2021 - none
2020 - Froggish, Casey8Ball, nwlafrog, Optinel, Wally The Frog, Purp
2019 - geezer, Volare
2018 - Frognosticator, geezer
2017 - SkoSki, Big Frog II, League City Frog, ShreveFrog, Jefffrog 1993, tcumaniac, Bruce Berry, stbrab, Nick Danger, FROG PARENTS 1961, XIIFrog, The Frog to be Named Later, gp4prez, Deep Purple
2016 - none
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Nick Danger

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Well, I guess I'll go with a 7-5! Things have been progressing nicely with a good spring training and better than expected recruiting but all the new guys/recruits will probably take time to congeal and will be even better in '23, but even a 7-5 and some sort of Bowl game is still a two game improvement over last year, and a good turnaround without getting ahead of ourselves too much!
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TCU moved on from Patterson because of mediocre 6-6, and 4-5 Big 12 seasons. Seems predictions of less than 8-4 and 5-4 Big 12 is incompatible with all the enthusiasm of Dykes and staff and their recruiting. Settling for 2-1 in a soft non-conference schedule with lowly Colorado and SMU seems incongruent with the strong approval here of Dykes and company. I am not predicting, but seems a floor of 8-4 (3-0 and then 5-4) should be expected based on the discussion on this forum this past year, with some hope for 9-3 and 6-3.
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I predict you'll see kids having fun again playing the game, and working hard to be their best. I think the younger woker staff pays immediate dividends, with the "fun" aspect balanced by the psychotic Kaz intensity of training. We know we have some crazy-good ballers on offense, I think Sonny is good enough at QB management to get us scoring tons of points. It's gonna be entertaining and wild.