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2022-2023 European Football Thread


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4 goals and an assist in 4 games. At least he’s in form to the point that it isn’t insane to put him on the squad. Still will be pissed if it’s him instead of Pefok.
He's in form in a league weaker than MLS. Pefok is in form in probably the 2nd best league in the world for a team topping the table. It's not a close argument. Pepi's league isn't even as good as Sarge's.

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I'm just saying the internal pressure to keep GB on should be a lot lighter than it otherwise might have been were his brother still on board. If there's a chance to entice Pep to take this group into 2026 we should have the Fed print all the money it takes to match his price.
They are out of ink.