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2021 Season Ticket Upgrade Data

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ticketfrog123, Mar 28, 2021.

  1. I understood the point.
  2. You quite clearly did not.
  3. @tcumaniac or @Bob Sugar care to rough numbers for points or rank?
  4. Finally able to view points using MS Edge (ewwwww). Says I now have 303 pts
  5. you should lose points for admitting the use of ms edge
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  6. I’m on the 14th for those wondering how long the line is.
  7. 1594 out of 4464

    Not sure how many points.
  8. This for sure. I’m not worked up over it at all but I added 4 clubs and I’m usually second day in the morning. I’m not until 1:00 on Thursday his year. Think it’s because I deferred last year.
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    Anybody else surprised there are only 4464 accounts? Also if it hurt your priority points to defer 2020 payment to 2021, surprised they didn’t specifically mention it, unless I missed it.
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  10. A couple of factors in play this year that has not previously been included.

    1. Legends Club & Suite donors that have been paying donations for a couple of seasons. They have been accruing points for their donations. For obvious reasons, this is the first real upgrade process that includes their priority rank because of construction delays for 2019 and limited capacity in 2020.

    2. All Champions Club donors are also included. Even if they didn’t ask to upgrade, we included them this season. The reason was to allow them an option to review some availability in this area for the first time since 2012. Just because they are included does not mean they will want to move. But they obviously add more accounts to the selection date and timelines.

    We are working with our software provider and trying to get points to display on phones. We know it is frustrating with the only real option via laptop or desktop computer.

    Thanks for your continued support! Have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July weekend!

    Go Frogs!
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  11. Maybe I misunderstood, but Champions Club was offered non club seat upgrades? I assume they don’t have to move from the club, they could just upgrade the seats they hold outside the club.
  12. July 8th at 2:10pm. Rank in the 1300s.
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  13. I apparently don't understand how the points work. Pretty sure I'm the last person picking, but have been buying season tickets every season since 2010 with the exception of last year. Surely someone has bought less season tickets than me?
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  14. You only get 1 point per season ticket you have and then 2 points for every year you renew.

    Where the points are earned are with donations, including donations attached to your ticket... 3 points per every $100 of donation. One of the biggest differentiators is for those that buy parking. For instance, lot 3 behind the north score board is a $2,000 donation. That’s 60 points right there.

    If you have 4 $300 tickets with no donations, you earn 6 points (including the 2 points for renewing) every year. Takes you 10 years to earn the same amount of points someone earns in just one season of having a parking pass.
  15. Great post ATO.

    If people are able to move around in the club for the first time, I assume this means there’s been some availability open up.

    Purely out of curiosity, are there spots available to get west side club seats, or are current club seat holders just being given the chance to move before people on a wait list are given access to the newly open spots?
  16. If they have non-club seats, they can also move these into other non-club seats. If they only have club seats, they can move them within the club area if they find something they like better.

    Go Frogs!
  17. Yes, there is some availability in the Champions Club this season. Only current club donors may upgrade within the club seats.

    If interested in Champions Club or Legends Club seats, please contact the Frog Club to review options and capital gift requirements. 817-257-7700.

    Go Frogs!

  18. I don’t think that’s how it works. I think several accounts have the same ranking. So if one is ranked 1204, you may be tied with 5 other accounts
  19. I renewed my season tickets last year and still lost about 200 points so I don’t think renewing or or opting out hurt anyone. Just the churn ATO mentioned. Picking at 1:46 on Friday the 9th.
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  20. Are you scheissing kidding me.

    Good afternoon kettle.

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