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2021 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. FREE: Rivals TCU lands commitment from hometown OT Jacoby Jackson


    "I realized I wanted to go to TCU a long time ago. The biggest reason I wanted to commit (now) is because of how close I am with everybody; we’re already a family and I know they have my back."

    "This was definitely the toughest decision of my life. What separated them from everyone is that they're close to home, so it’s not hard for my family to make games. Playing in the Big 12, they're constantly putting guys in the NFL and I know I can get a great education there."

    "I would definitely say Coach (Garrett) Altman (played a big role). They just constantly checked up on me and made sure I was good. Most of our conversations aren’t even about football; it’s about other important things in life."

    "What stood out to me most is just how much they can help me during college and after football. They have many things to set me up for greatness. They think I can be a great tackle for them. I know I can go in and compete early, which I can’t wait to do. The biggest selling point is them putting a whole bunch of guys in the league, especially at the O-line position. They have like 11 current offensive linemen in the league and those guys are actually playing."
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  2. Welcome Jacoby and congratulations on accepting the opportunity to become a standout at TCU!! I’m sure your family and friends are very proud of you.
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  3. “Most of our conversations aren’t even about football; it’s about other important things in life."

    Awesome to continually see this. This is going a long way as time are changing constantly.

    Congrats Jacoby.
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  4. You’re such a corporate shill, man.
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  5. I just thought this was some random guy named Jeremy Clark. Are you alleging this is actually the same guy from 247???
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  6. Thought this was interesting

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  7. Have to be very picky with the amount of spots available.
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  8. This has pretty much always been at TCU. It seems GP and staff are really selective and mostly only offer “pieces to puzzle” players. I also think they are reluctant to offer players they’ve never seen in person. It is interesting.
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  9. Yeah we are always at the bottom of the list for offers given out.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. [​IMG]

    just saving moose the time
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  12. I love this! Two days and two big Uglies. Welcome aboard gentleman, we're excited to have you.
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  13. 2 very solid OL commits...Along with Battle we now have some foundation pieces on board. Now we can concentrate on Landyn Watson to go with Murray
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  14. The Arizona schools seem to also use the shotgun approach.... as it seems 8 of 10 of the recruits we nail down were also recruited by both these schools... except for those extreme diamonds in the rough..
  15. MTSU grad transfer WR Zack Dobson 5-9/165 (2 years eligibility left)

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    Good kid. Tough story. I like his game.

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  17. His brother was a true hero.

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