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2021 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. Just a sampling
    Georgia, Michigan 2 commits
    LSU,Alabama,Oklahoma Texas A&M, Auburn 3 commits

    Yeah time to panic
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    the most commitments from one of our big 12 peers is 6 right now and i can't recall when the frogs have had a large number of commitments early in the year.

    other factor is frogs don't have a large senior class (10-11 scholarship seniors on the current roster?) so i would imagine that while they would love to be done for the year they will be selective
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  3. With dead period finally over visitors showed up Sunday

    Aden Kelley 6-3/275 OG/DL Thomas OK

  4. Chris Murray DE 6-4/240 Wichita Falls

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  5. Lanky OT out of AZ getting lots of interest

    Isaia Glass 6-5/245 Queens Creek, AZ offers include OkieSt, AZ, IOSt, washSt and others

  6. Apparently Roderick Daniels WR out of Duncanville had a great visit Sunday....
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  7. Add to this that our 2021 class will likely be even smaller that the 2020 class and there's little reason to panic. Seems like I saw recently we have something like 15 spots available in the 2021 class. Factor in some unexpected departures and maybe that gets us to 20, some of which are likely to be filled with grad xfers and JuCos.
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  8. Sounds like 15 is the number with unexpected departures. Number is around 10-12
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  9. There you go. My fan board consumption has been curtailed the last few weeks due to so much going on.
  10. Harold West S Arlington Lamar


  11. take murray and the lineman from oklahoma simply because of the laughs from watching their highlights
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  12. That competition is just awful but he plays with a chip and doesn't quit..Clearly the meanest kid on the field.
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  13. LJ 2.0 ...Man among boys
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  14. 6-1/210 LBer from John Ehret

  15. CB from Tulsa Booker T

  16. This round of recruits look mean.... I like it...

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