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2021 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. Don't know why we talk about recruiting. It makes GP's life easier to do without it, much like making a bowl game this year. Cannot believe he made that statement and no one said a word about it. So beyond unacceptable and he was let off the hook by everyone. Not to mention we had 7 guys make the combine, it's fine, all good. Disgrace.
  2. Just landed the 3rd best recruiting class in the conference according to the people who do that kind of thing for a living,

    You're acting like an idiot.
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  3. Hope those kids don't want to make a bowl, because gary's life is easier without one so he doesn't care if we make one or not. He makes $5 million per year btw.
  4. I know he does. GP needs to get better results, I get it. I think pretty much everyone here does. Not sure what point you're trying to make about recruiting. Recruiting for the most part is going pretty well and some people like to follow it and talk about it.

    Again, you're acting like an idiot.
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  5. FIXED
  6. Said the jackass posting on page 15 of a recruiting thread.
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  7. I enjoy it when some idiot I have on ignore says more dumb [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] and I don't have to read it.
  8. You aren’t missing anything. It’s just some guy that needed masturbatory material.
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  9. Did somebody quote me?

    Kidding Peace...
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  10. I was SO confused...then I realized its clearly someone I have on ignore. I can tell who it was by the commentary back. It works!!!
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  11. Collin Oliver LB 6-2/218 Sante Fe (Edmund OK)

  12. We need a good TE in this class....

    Elijah Arroyo TE 6-4/210 Independence HS (Frisco TX) offers include Georgia, Alabama, Purdue, Penn St and many others

  13. Alexander Honig to Gunnar Helm for 6, das is gut

    Gunnar Helm TE 66/220 Cherry Creek HS (CO) kid is racking up the offers which include Aub, KanSt, OkieSt, Tenn, AZSt and many others. Extremely underrated on the boards but college coaches, including TCU are on him.

  14. Kendal Daniels DB/WR 6-4/190 Beggs OK

  15. Fast rising DE out of Mansfield

    Braylen Jackson DE 6-4/260 Mansfield Lake Ridge recently offered by AZ St

  16. Did you get up this morning and think my life is so bad, I think I will try to troll to try and achieve any measure of success today?
  17. Jack Bech WR 6-2/210 St Thomas More Lafayette, LA absurd stats of 91 rec for 1,686 YDs and 20 TDs. Recent offers by Vandy and Boston College.

  18. Jase Bauer QB 6-2/200 Ankeny, IA completed 61.5% of his passes, 2,566 YDs, 20 TDs in 2019.


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