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2021 Hoops Recruiting

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Skip Jansen, Jun 10, 2020.

  1. The three names that I hear most from the staff are-

    - PG A.J. Neal 6-1 Orlando, FL
    - PG Frankie Collins 6-1 Chandler, AZ
    - C Souleymane Doumbia 7-0 Navarro JC
  2. Thanks Skip. I know this is a recruiting thread, but who do you see as the starting 5 to begin the 2020 season? And those who will first come off the bench for significant playing time?
  3. current roster has no scholarship seniors on the roster so i guess they are planning for attrition
  4. Portland-

    Hard to say this far out. The talent level is so close throughout the roster. That should allow for some good battles in the pre-season. If I had to guess, I would say it could look something like this-

    - R.J.
    - P.J.
    - Easley
    - O'Bannon
    - Samuel

    First off the bench-

    - Smith
    - Bello
    - Ledee
    - Miles
  5. You don't see Frank and Lampkin as early contributors?
  6. No. I think they both have a chance to be really good ((especially Frank) down the road but neither is an upgrade to the players in front of them on the roster currently. A redshirt year would be beneficial for each.

    It's just virtually impossible to get everyone the minutes they want (think they deserve) and keep them happy nowadays.
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  7. Hey Skip have you heard anything on Alex Fudge or Isaiah Barnes? Either would be a nice addition. I think Miles will be starting by the end of the year. I still believe that RJ would be a dynamic 6th man.
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    I know of the two players you mentioned but haven't heard anything about them in regards to TCU.

    I think they are going to give Miles every opportunity to be the primary PG from day one. IMO, they will see that he is not ready and RJ will take back over.

    The best case scenario is that Miles is the man from the start, but that's a tough ask for true frosh.
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  9. It would be prudent to plan for attrition, given recent history.
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    Agreed. The coaching staff is preparing as if Samuel is going pro.
  11. I like his game the more I see
  12. Are we recruiting more shooters? I'm a broken record on this but it's hard to imagine that we're going to be much better in the next couple years if we don't have more than just a guy or 2 who can consistently make 3s.
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  13. Good to see you back Skip. Questions I have are we getting many of our top priority guys? What is the deal with going hard after so many guards? Doesn’t seem like we’re going after many forwards and guys with length. Does that mean we’re shifting our style of play or just trying to play differently within our scheme?
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    I think he has a chance to be pretty good in time. But, IMO opponents will continually go under the screen on him and he doesn't have an answer for that yet. He also has a tendency to get into his left hand when rising for a shot (not unusual for a RH player).

    Once his game gets a little more complete, he'll be more difficult to defend. He plays a tough position to make a huge difference his first year, especially in the Big 12.
  15. Mason Miller is a really good shooter. He has obvious interest in TCU (being Ryan Miller's nephew). We'll see how that goes.

    Every coach has different things they look for in recruiting. Jamie looks for athletic guys who are potentially really good defenders who will learn to score.
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  16. That's a great question Farm. The staff is always looking for 'post' players (Lampkin this year and Doumbia next).

    As for the other players. In today's game it's imperative to have a 'secondary' ball handler. As a matter of fact, the staff refers to their guards as 'ball handlers'.

    So... since so many teams play 4-out, 1-in, they are really looking for ball handlers, shooters that can spread the floor, and post players.
  17. If we could become a real lock down defensive team then that would be great and would certainly reduce the immediacy of needing better shooting. Just seems like we haven't been super consistent on that end of the floor either. Hopefully that changes this year. Assuming this year happens.
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    I think that is what Jamie ultimately wants (lock down defensive team). His teams have always been very good offensive rebounding teams as well.

    Last year's team averaged 10 Off Rebs/gm. The problem was; they only scored 3 Pts/gm off of Off Rebs. That's not good enough.

    IMO, this year's team will be more efficient due to having a year, of the 20 second clock (reset after a Off Reb), under their belt.
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  19. Wow, really good stat there with the 3 pts off 10 offensive rebs per game. So more or less a ~15% success rate. Not sure what I even would attribute that too. My guess is that Samuel is getting a lot of those. So he's either missing put backs or not even attempting them. Then as you said the 20 second clock with our offense in the halfcourt was a bad combo.
  20. I think your last sentence pretty much sums it up. That (Off Reb) should be an opportunity to score a high percentage FG (via putback, step-in 3, etc.). I bet that improves this year.
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