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2021 Frog Baseball (General)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, Jan 7, 2021.

  1. It's hard to compete with someone who's juicing.
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  2. D1 released its projections. Frogs at #5 paired with the Gainesville regional. 4: Stony Brook, 3: DBU and 2: Oregon State would be in the FTW Region.

    Other National seeds:

    Arkie (Florida State)
    Vandy (Pitt)
    UT (La Tech)
    Miss State (ECU)
    Tennessee (Oregon)
    Notre Dame (Tech)
    Arizona (Stanford)
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  3. Why do I have a bad feeling about DBU...
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  4. Because you were sprinkled?
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  5. Would imagine Texas would be a national seed over TCU. Depends on final six games of the season and Big1 2 tourney.
  6. Because they are always ready to play?
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  7. A cup is always full. The question is what percentage is liquid, and which is gas.*
    * unless you are in a vacume.
    A cups are a different story.
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  8. Both teams can be national seeds.
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  9. Better question would be about TCU and Tech
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  10. One in every crowd
  11. Something never said by the fairer sex.

  12. Maggie is his wife FWIW.
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  13. Sat behind an unkept, beer guzzling, no-collar, three-toed sloth, sitting with the cutest little girl and her friend on the fifth row, third base side last Sunday. That you?
  14. Man. Imagine hosting a Super Regional against the Florida Gators.

    Would easily be the highest profile team we've ever hosted in Fort Worth for post season baseball.
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  15. The hell?
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  16. think he has you confused with ron burgandy and baxter
  17. Either way, it doesn't have much in it.
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  18. No. Moose wears collared shirts.
  19. Giving you a hard time. Thought the kid looked like your avatar and thought it was maybe you, that’s all.
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