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2021 Frog Baseball (General)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, Jan 7, 2021.

  1. All this talk about should we, shouldn’t we. Probably going to rain anyways.
  2. Not sure if the UT v Tx Southern game is still scheduled but if it is, UT will lose 30 RPI points with a W and lose 90 points with an L. If they play, there is a chance the Frogs pass them because a UT W gives the Frogs a small boost and there’s several other games scheduled that could work in our favor with the right result.
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  3. Meanwhile ULM has run off four series wins in a row including taking 2 of 3 from UTA this past weekend. They have climbed from the 150’s to the 120’s in RPI.
  4. KSU dropped 2 of 3 at Baylor. Losing 17-2 in G1. Winning 10-3 in G2 by scoring 7 in the 9th and losing 23-3 in 7 innings in G3.
  5. hope they play but likely a rain out....
  6. KSU is definitely a "trap" type team. They play with good energy at home, have a staff ace that is gonna be a first round pick in all likelihood, and they hit a ton of HR.

    Someone is gonna get Baylor as a 2-3 seed in their regional and end up not being happy about it.
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  7. And KSU’s ace is a lefty. Yeah!
  8. Yeah but he throws hard so we'll be fine.
  9. Does he throw 88 tops, and a curve, and a slider low and away?

    Edit: Oops. Moose jack-slapped me.
  10. oh thank God. But we really need a FB topping out between 91 and 94. If it goes over 94 we can't hit it regardless of righty/lefty
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  11. FWIW — I had to take a 3 hour sensitivity course because I said “jack-slapped” in a meeting. Had no idea the Urban Dictionary had a certain definition attached to that phrase. My grandfather said was when you had to smack the mule to get it moving again. Not the meaning so much these days I found out.
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  12. What we really need is this season to just be scheissing over so we can get on to the games that matter. At this point I don't even care if we're the 4 seed or the 10 seed, home or away in the supers, whatever. Just tired of should we play or not, what we need to happen in the Stony Brook vs William & Mary series, who's healthy, blah blah blah.

    It feels like the actual games are secondary to all the other things going on.
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  13. That's exactly his range.
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  14. In other words - the only lefties we can hit throw basically the exact same way our two lefty starters throw....coincidence?
  15. I agree with all of this except for the home or away in supers part. I'd really like a national seed b/c nothing beats two consecutive weekends of baseball tailgates at Lupton followed by Lupton Magic. They're my favorite TCU sporting events to attend on campus (I don't expect another Utah type atmosphere in AGC, though that could maybe outdo baseball postseason).
  16. I apologize to all those who were traumatized by my insensitive words. Even though I had no clue that term has another scheissing meaning, I’m truly sorry. Someone needs to bitchslap me.
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  18. "Try hard not to offend. Try HARDER not to be offended." - Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw
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  19. Awesome response. The stupid thing about my situation was that nobody and I mean nobody was offended. It wasn’t until someone who had never heard the phrase decided to Google it and started laughing. Of course then everybody had to know what he was laughing about so he tells the room and now everybody is laughing and next thing I know I’m invited to Careful and Consequential Communication Class.
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  20. holy [ #2020 ], careful and consequential communication class might be one of the more politically correct, woke, created by a group of 20 something year old hr professionals who actually don't do anything to create company value or generate revenue that i have heard in quite some time

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