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2021-2022 Transfer Portal Thread


I watched some of the game between SDSU and Utah State. Utah State has 44 transfers on the team and the quarterbck will play his seventh year of college football next season. NEW norm

was that the same san diego state whose dominating defense we should have mirrored when hiring a new hc?

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Spencer Rattler has some competition in the portal. He is ranked #2 and a tick behind him is Dillon Gabriel from UCF. Both are transferring to UCLA. One will transfer again before the season starts

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I think that at all programs where the coaching staff has changed there are decisions by players as to not only stay or not but gambling on what the portal may or may not get you. Some are being shown the door and others have to ask themselves is this where my future is. The portal is now filling up with players and if you go that route it is almost like being recruited all over again. It can not be an easy choice to make if you are a bubble player who has not yet made his mark. Even those players who have been playing well enough to be selected right away know that not all programs are the same. Some will fit you abilities and others will not. Those places where you might like to go may not need or want you. The whole thing is a crapshoot if you are not an established star.